Creativity Month 2017 Programme

Farset Labs is running 4 programmes of events for this years Creativity Month; Music/Electronics Workshops, a series of Wearable Tech workshops in tandem with The Design Salon, and a games-dev hackathon with GameCraft.

Wearable Electronics in Fashion – Saturday 18th @ 2pm-6pm

If you want to shake up the status quo, this event is for you. Learn what devices and techniques are available to make smart clothing, plan how you can bring electronics into your design and then integrate it with help from a team experienced in both fashion and technology.

Learn what technologies are available at the introduction event and see some examples of what’s possible. Formulate your plan in discussion with our experts and with other attendees. We’ll then order the necessary parts for you – up to a reasonable limit! – to help you build your project.

At a later full-day workshop event (attend either the Saturday or Sunday), under the guidance of a team of designers and technologists, you will be able to integrate the technologies into your project. The experts on hand will be able to offer assistance, suggestions and troubleshooting.

Guitar Pedal Electronics Workshop – Sunday 19th @ 1pm-4pm

In this workshop, aimed at complete beginners with no previous soldering or DIY experience, we take the student through the process of building a ‘Bazz Fuss’ Fuzz guitar pedal using’s B.I.Y. (Boutique It Yourself.) PCBs and kits.

We begin the workshop by providing a comprehensive soldering lesson, where users will learn the correct and safe way to solder. We include how to solder to a circuit board as well as connecting wires together.

Light Theramin Electronics Workshop – Sunday 19th @ 6pm-9pm

In this workshop participants will become familiar with the skills and basic theory required to make and customise DIY audio electronics projects through the construction of a Light Theremin. A light Theremin is an audio synthesiser that is controlled without actually touching the instrument!. The workshop begins with a comprehensive soldering class and is aimed at the complete beginner.

Game Craft – Saturday 25th @ 9am-8pm

It’s a game jam for people who are interested in game-making to come together under one roof to make games, meet people and generally have fun. GameCraft provides a venue so you can concentrate on making fun games. We also provide food and beverages throughout the day.

Fashion, meet tech

In association with Creativity Month 2017 and The Design Salon , we have a very exciting two-part event in the works! We wanted to mix things up a little bit and what better way to do it than bringing together two usually fairly disparate fields?

We’re offering you the chance to take a fashion project and bring it alive with electronics, helped by a fantastic team of experts!

The form of fashion changes at pace, evolving relentlessly, but the function has remained largely static for many years, yet – with the advent of microelectronics and mobile devices – so much more should be possible.

If you want to shake up the status quo, this event is for you. Learn what devices and techniques are available to make smart clothing, plan how you can bring electronics into your design and then integrate it with help from a team experienced in both fashion and technology.

So, come down and join us on Saturday 18th March and either Saturday 1st April or Sunday 2nd April for a fantastic introduction to the world of wearable electronics in fashion!

For more details, including a comprehensive (we hope!) FAQ and, of course, tickets, visit

Global Game Jam 2017 | 20th-22nd January

Global Game Jam logoGlobal Game Jam at Farset is back again in 2017, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.  The Game Jam will run from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd, and is a chance to meet some great people and develop a fun game in a weekend.  With a party atmosphere from Friday night, there will be plenty of people there to team up with, create something interesting and, most importantly, to have fun!


We ask that you reserve your seat at Farset Labs using our page at – entry is free for everyone!

You can then complete your Global Game Jam registration at on (or before) Friday 20th January.

Global Game Jam is always very popular; so to avoid disappointment, book early!

The event is free, and all meals are catered!  The game jam’s theme will be announced at 5pm on Friday 20th January so we recommend all participants to be in Farset before that time, or send word if you will be arriving later on. We look forward to seeing you all, as it will be a great weekend!

Global Game Jam Belfast 2017 download poster here
Global Game Jam Belfast 2017 download poster link

UPDATE 2016/12/28: You can now download our event poster for #FarsetGGJ17 via the image on the right – print out and keep, or post it up for all to see!


There is no required skill level or barrier for entry; we welcome programmers, artists, musicians and anyone else who might be interested in being involved! Bring yourself and your equipment – the organisers recommend that participants wait until the beginning of the event to form teams.  We have found that this worked well in the past and gives interesting results.
Please note: You must be over 18 on the 20th of January or be accompanied by legal guardian in order to participate.

More information will be provided in the run-up, but please feel free to contact or ask us questions via Facebook or Twitter with the #GGJ17 hashtag.

Brought to you to in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.

NI Screen Logo


Global Game Jam is a hackathon focused on games of all sorts, from full-scale console productions to mobile, web-based and embedded games, as well as non-digital productions like board and card games. Some will be frivolous, others developed for solid causes, such as social impact in the case of the Games For Change movement.  There are already a number of large sponsors involved in this year’s global event, including Facebook, Unity and Github.

The first Global Game Jam ran in 2009, and this year there are already over 480 individual Jam sites registered around the world, and Farset Labs has been running Northern Ireland’s only public GGJ site since 2013. We will be live streaming video from sites all over the world during the 48hr event. There will also be an opportunity to see and play other teams’ games at the end of the event. The details of the venue are also available on our Global Game Jam listing.


Start/End: 20/1/17 @ 16:00 – 22/1/17 @ 20:00

Location: Farset Labs, 1 Weavers Court, Belfast

Farset Seat Reservation: []

Facebook Event: []

Hashtags: #farsetggj17 #ggj17

A packed week ahead: ELI5, Christmas Party and Workshop Clearing

December is nearly upon us and with it comes a raft of Farset events! What better way to christen our new and improved Event Space?

Kicking off the month, we have our regular casual talk series, Explain it Like I’m 5, where some great speakers break down a concept they have experience with and present it in seven minutes. We’ve had everything from baking to plasma physics in the past and we welcome talks from the floor on the night.

Join us on Thursday 1st December at 1800 for some truly entertaining talks, plus a Japanese buffet and plenty of time to chat with other attendees. Read more here.

Next up, we have the annual Farset Christmas Party in the form of a pot-luck dinner. Culinary hacks are encouraged and the event is open to all. Bring something edible and bring a friend, but please don’t bring an edible friend – that’d be against the law and not much fun for the friend. Party poppers, retro console gaming and festive treats await!

The Christmas party kicks off at 1900 on Friday 2nd December and you can get more details here.  Do let us know you’re coming via Facebook.

Finally, the management team have been toiling hard (as always!) to improve the Labs and, having been working extensively on sprucing up the Event Space, we’re now turning our attention to the Workshop. As discussed on Slack, the Workshop Clearout will be taking place this weekend (Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December). Any help is appreciated.

Member equipment that is in member project boxes will, of course, remain untouched, as will any clearly labelled equipment as per the member handbook. If you have left any kit in a position that may have, shall we say, not quite complied with the rules, please give us a shout on to make sure we know about it and that it’s not disposed of. Any queries, as always, can also be directed to that address.

We’ll be relocating a few pieces of equipment to more suitable homes within the workshop and this should make using the space a lot easier for all. Naturally, this means that the workshop can’t be used for any member projects during the clear-out and we apologise for the disruption.

If you want to see what’s planned (particularly disposal of equipment believed to be communal and unwanted), check out the barebones plan available here.

(The rather lovely featured image is by Kevin Dooley.)