Ten Years On: Farset Labs’ 10th Birthday Maker Day / Party

Yes, the beers can be drank from the box while the beers are in the box, as is tradition

We’re Turning 10!

Farset Labs was opened to the Belfast Maker Community in April 2012. Over the past decade, we’ve made a lot, broken a lot, grown a lot and learned… hopefully something.

Come join us on Saturday the 9th of April for an afternoon and evening of making and celebration, kicking off with an Open ‘Maker Day’ from 1pm to 6pm, and the main celebration, which will kick off from 7pm, and will include drinks, refreshments, and memories.

If you haven’t been back in Farset Labs for a while (particularly since the renovations…), this is the perfect re-introduction to Northern Ireland’s Makerspace.

Also, if you’re a past or a ‘long time’ member, nows a great time to check out our new Membership Management Platform (Nexudus) that was rolled out over the pandemic!


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