Global Game Jam 2017 | 20th-22nd January

Global Game Jam logoGlobal Game Jam at Farset is back again in 2017, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.  The Game Jam will run from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd, and is a chance to meet some great people and develop a fun game in a weekend.  With a party atmosphere from Friday night, there will be plenty of people there to team up with, create something interesting and, most importantly, to have fun!


We ask that you reserve your seat at Farset Labs using our page at – entry is free for everyone!

You can then complete your Global Game Jam registration at on (or before) Friday 20th January.

Global Game Jam is always very popular; so to avoid disappointment, book early!

The event is free, and all meals are catered!  The game jam’s theme will be announced at 5pm on Friday 20th January so we recommend all participants to be in Farset before that time, or send word if you will be arriving later on. We look forward to seeing you all, as it will be a great weekend!

Global Game Jam Belfast 2017 download poster here
Global Game Jam Belfast 2017 download poster link

UPDATE 2016/12/28: You can now download our event poster for #FarsetGGJ17 via the image on the right – print out and keep, or post it up for all to see!


There is no required skill level or barrier for entry; we welcome programmers, artists, musicians and anyone else who might be interested in being involved! Bring yourself and your equipment – the organisers recommend that participants wait until the beginning of the event to form teams.  We have found that this worked well in the past and gives interesting results.
Please note: You must be over 18 on the 20th of January or be accompanied by legal guardian in order to participate.

More information will be provided in the run-up, but please feel free to contact or ask us questions via Facebook or Twitter with the #GGJ17 hashtag.

Brought to you to in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.

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Global Game Jam is a hackathon focused on games of all sorts, from full-scale console productions to mobile, web-based and embedded games, as well as non-digital productions like board and card games. Some will be frivolous, others developed for solid causes, such as social impact in the case of the Games For Change movement.  There are already a number of large sponsors involved in this year’s global event, including Facebook, Unity and Github.

The first Global Game Jam ran in 2009, and this year there are already over 480 individual Jam sites registered around the world, and Farset Labs has been running Northern Ireland’s only public GGJ site since 2013. We will be live streaming video from sites all over the world during the 48hr event. There will also be an opportunity to see and play other teams’ games at the end of the event. The details of the venue are also available on our Global Game Jam listing.


Start/End: 20/1/17 @ 16:00 – 22/1/17 @ 20:00

Location: Farset Labs, 1 Weavers Court, Belfast

Farset Seat Reservation: []

Facebook Event: []

Hashtags: #farsetggj17 #ggj17

Global Game Jam 2016 | 29th-31st January

Global Game Jam at Farset Labs is back again in 2016.  The Game Jam will run from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st January, and is a chance to meet some great people and develop a fun game in a weekend.  With a party atmosphere from Friday night, there will be plenty of people there to team up with, create something interesting and, most importantly, to have fun!

Teams start to put together their ideas

Last year’s jam was a great success, with our highest jammer count yet! Continue reading Global Game Jam 2016 | 29th-31st January

Gamecraft 2015 @ University of Ulster | 9th May

Farset friends, Gamecraft, will be back in Belfast on 9th May, holding a day-long game-jam at University of Ulster Belfast on York Street.

There are 15 complimentary Gamecraft tickets available to Farset members. For more information and to claim your ticket, check out the member Discourse group.

You can also sign-up for a public Gamecraft ticket here, for only £3:

Belfast GameCraft is back; Jam season returns.

Belfast GameCraft

As the nights close in during October, warm your creative engine with some tasty Game Jam at Farset Labs. Our friends at GameCraft will be returning for a day-long game jam on Saturday 18th October, with a panel of independent game developers judging the winners.

GameCraft is a games jam event to build, bind and encourage the gaming community to make their ideas happen. This latest Belfast date forms part of a chain of GameCraft events starting back in 2012 with 120 people producing more than 35 games at the first event; since then it has been hosted in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, and at huge national games events like Insomnia.

The jam is based on a secret theme, announced on the Saturday morning.

With that as your starting point, no matter your particular interests or skills, the task of making a game in a single day begins.

Anyone who has been to a game jam before can tell you about the excitement of getting started, and the satisfaction of getting to the end – in between are the half-baked ideas that just about work, the quarter-baked short-cuts that work better than they deserve to, and the ages of concentration to get an animation right because it makes the character “just perfect”. It’s a fun ride, and GameCraft concentrates all of this into one day, so there’s none of the crazy-sleepless-zombie-coding seen at weekend jams.

Come to have fun! Come to share ideas or just compete! Most of all, come and make games!

This is a BYOC event, but Farset can provide external monitors on request.

You can find more information about GameCraft, and register for GameCraft Belfast, on their site. Registration is required to take part.

Farset Labs Members can also take advantage of their free ticketsInformation on how to get your free tickets in our members forum

Belfast GameCraft is sponsored by DemonWare, SixMinute, and Leman Solicitors, and is hosted by Farset Labs

Global Game Jam Roundup

It’s over, and it’s a new world record. Farset Labs has contributed to the Worlds Largest Game Jam, and everyone involved should be very proud of what they’ve accomplished in just 48 hours.

With 30 registered Jammers, 11 registered games (6 made it to submission, but that’s ok!), no-one can say that Northern Ireland doesn’t have the making of a solid creative industries foundation.

With people coming from all walks of life, experience, platforms, and passions, self-organized teams came together to work on what are major accomplishments, with a tight timescale and a vague theme (a heartbeat).

The games themselves ranged from platformers where your heart-rate is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the level, to location based assassination, built purely around the sound of a heartbeat (Murmur In The Park), or the brilliant game that had the theme slightly shoe-horned in, but a kinda 4-player bastardisation of QWOP (CardiRow) for rowers where two players team up to drive the two oars of a boat, against another two player in their own boat, where cooperation, communication, and coordination is required to beat the other team without blowing your heart out! There was also Heart Wars where two players competed to collect pieces of virus or cure to kill or save a patient, and Cardiac Castle which used an iPhone Camera to monitor the players heartrate, making the zombies chasing their avatar move faster as the player got more panicked!

It’s been an amazing experience, not just because of the attendees; we had the awesome Brendan Drain from Brain and Nerd call in over Skype to chat to the jammers, and discuss their game mechanics, future marketing possibilities, and generally having the craic, and we’ve had the wonderfully patient Niall Bole from our friends at QUB Dragonslayers in working on configuring the Ultimaker perfectly. (After we recover from this weekend, we’ll be getting peoples rewards out as soon as possible!

Lessons to the reader; sell tickets, don’t give them away. We had to turn away people asking for tickets towards the end because we had already over-allocated the space. In the end we only had a 68% turnout on the first night, dropping to the 30 / 50 that we ended up with on the second night. This mis-calculating effected our budgeting, scheduling, catering, and lots of other -ings, and while we try to be as inclusive as possible, in future events we will be adding a nominal fee for non-members, just to gauge a certain level of commitment so we can more efficiently spend ours and event sponsors money on the people who really want to be involved in what we’re doing here at Farset. Members will still be free though.

I’m getting fairly close to collapsing so I’m going to leave you with some snaps from the weekend, including our lovely 3D Printed Logo. I’ll close with a special thanks to the University of Ulster for kindly sponsoring this amazing event, and to Tibus for giving us more bandwidth than you could shake a stick at, and Davy Sims for the lend of more chairs, because we were still very slightly over subscribed….

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