Statement on #COVID19

In response to the #COVID19 pandemic, Farset Labs has made the following decisions.

  1. We are no longer hosting any public events as part of Farset Labs programmes (CoderDojo, ELi5, DataArt, etc)
  2. All Meetings (Town Hall, Management, Trustees) will be remote.
  3. It is recommended that external/community hires of the space also suspend, but events will over all be restricted to less than 15 participants.
  4. It is recommended that no more than 15 people are in the building at any one time
  5. The facility will continue to be open to those who wish to use it, following reasonable precautions outlined below.
  6. Private Meetings can still take place on site if reasonable precautions are enforced.
  7. Do not visit if you are symptomatic (continuous cough or high temperature).
  8. If you develop symptoms and have visited the space in the previous 10 days, please notify us on
  9. Hand Sanitiser and Soap will become available throughout the building. 
  10. Facilities are being made available for event organisers to stream presentations to support sustaining their own communities online free of charge.

Provision of Streaming Facilities for Event Operators

Last week, we set up a two-camera streaming capability in the event space. This capability is being made available to all event organisers; members or otherwise, for the purposes of hosting online events with presenters. We’re currently awaiting delivery of an HDMI capture device to include higher resolution of projected screen contents, but if you’d like to take advantage of this facility, please get in touch on

Reasonable Precautions 

(As per NHS and WHO Advice)

  • Wash hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds with hot water and soap.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • Stay at home if you’ve got coronavirus symptoms.
    • New, continuous cough.
    • High temperature above 37.5 degrees celsius.
  • Advise social distancing for visitors and members.

Closing comments

There’s a lot of these statements going around, and it is a time of lots of news and statistics and a mix between panic and complacency. 

There is a very high likelihood that we’ll have to shut the facility down completely in the coming weeks. Fortunately, we’re kinda used to that over the past year! If that’s the case we’ll be communicating both openly and privately with members to facilitate safely removing anything they might need from the space while instituting a full “lockdown”.

In times like this, the physical building of Farset Labs is less important than the community; social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Whether you’re a member or not, stay connected on our Slack, Share stuff that you think is cool on our Discourse, and when open meetings come up, please dial in just to chill out.

Stay nerdy my friends.
the Farset Labs team

PS if you want to help with the Coronavirus fight with spare CPU/GPU time; we’ve set up a Folding@Home team #241330 (Be patient, the stats site is under a lot of pressure atm…)

New Community Structure – Non-Executive Managers – Call for volunteers

At last month’s Town Hall, our proposal for the creation of a Non-Executive Manager (NEM) role within Farset was ratified unanimously by the community, and as such has been added to the Operations Manual (that link may break in the next few weeks, please let us know if we don’t notice it!).


  • NEMs are mini-directors with responsibility of awareness in limited fields, eg Projects, Digital Infrastructure, Events, Facilities
  • Not legally liable to the company
  • Looking for volunteers; one role (Digital Infrastructure) already selected.
  • If interested, email and keep next Monday from 8pm free.

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