Farset Seasonal Pot-Luck Dinner Hack 2016 – 2nd December

Good merry-tide once again, members and friends!
The Christmas season has come early this year, as we have made adjustments to ensure you can start it interesting!

UPDATE: Do let us know you’re coming via Facebook 🙂

The Plan
Bring something tasty, or at least something edible, to Farset Labs for an evening of sharing food with good company, and swapping stories of your 2016.
No matter your connection, the evening is open and welcoming to all who have and will frequent Farset, and who have come with us so far.
There will be some accompaniments of the musical variety, suitably decorative decorations, and waves of seasonal lighting 🙂

The Date
The date for this is Friday 2nd December (at 7pm).

The Cost
No cost other than your company and some form of shareable foodstuff or drinks (cold/hot, liquid/solid).

We do ask that non-members of Farset contribute a small donation to the venue charity for the evening. (Suggested donation: £3)

Easy to share party foods, drinks, or tray-bakes are often the easiest, but if you have a speciality you want to share that’s even better!  We will have  microwaves and hot-plates in the kitchen if you need them (plus an oven, for now…) however there is obviously limited space for cooking on-site.
For more information, join us on the Farset Slack or Discourse.

Creating Comics All Day Long: 24Hour Comics Day – 1st October

24 Hour Comics Day BannerThis year’s 24 Hour Comics Day comes around on Saturday 1st October, and we mean to be ready!

We have registered to run a 12 hour challenge to get you started, as you won’t be forced to finish within the weekend 😉  If you’re up for the full 24 hour/24 page challenge (on the 24 Hour Comics Day challenge page) Farset Labs offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the 24/7 facilities to complete your opus in the one weekend.
Join the Sketchy Individuals meetup or via our Facebook event to register your interest!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or enthusiastic amateur, you’re welcome to come hang out and set your mind to the task. Snacks, tea and some art supplies will be available (plus access to the kitchen, of course)
but the most valuable thing on-site will be your mind… and your drawing/writing appendage 🙂

We look forward to seeing you there – the comics challenge is always good fun, and it’s a brilliant chance to finish a small project with some funny, smart, artistic, or just interesting company 🙂

Update: The lovely people at InkMonkey on North Street are providing us with some free art materials to work with this Saturday, including some of their fantastic Zebra ink brush-pens (so you can get your INKtober started as well 😉 )rurrl1c2-jpg-largeAs well as being lovely pens to look at (!?) they’re genuinely pretty well-regarded.
“Possibly the best brush pen in the world; capable of vanishingly thin lines and bold back lines all on the same stroke.” – PJH
“Awesome ink heaven with a side order of flexibility 🙂 it’s a must have inking pen for me.” – Ann H

Our normal venue rules apply. Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Please contact events@farsetlabs.org.uk if you have any queries about the venue facilities or access.

Election 2016 (v1.0) Ballot

Our nomination period is up and voting will open shortly (emails will be sent to all current members eligible to vote) and in the meantime, you can peruse your options below, consisting of the nominee name and pitch:

1. Colin Mitchell

My involvement with Farset Labs started when it was a dark glint in Bolster’s evil eye. I say ‘involvement’ – it was really just supportive conversations, but once established this quickly turned into an obligation to join, and a membership fee has been ripped bodily from my strained bank account ever since.

However, it’s not all bad…

Some of the things I love about Farset Labs:

  • The slight tendency towards anarchy
  • The attempts at real democracy
  • The diversity of people + their abilities
  • The sense of community and random connections
  • The stuff all over the place
  • All the code ‘n shit with the young people ‘n all

I love the sense of ‘if it ain’t broke, break it’ – (though not Robin Prices’s lighting-up ping-pong table, nor Matt Hazley’s beer-making kit, ‘cos the phrase ‘don’t break stuff that makes beer’ should need no explanation)

Currently I’m CTO/co-founder of Sixty-5 Technologies – Farset’s co-working space was where we spent a lot of last year. Bolster was instrumental in John Arrell & I getting together, David Kane helped with initial specs, Robin Price worked on our Gateway box, Mal Duffin seriously improved our UI, Art Knipe straightened up our API – all invaluable & there’s nowhere else in NI where that could happen.

As well as techie stuff I’ve done sales & marketing, management & director stuff – so I can bring wide experience with an anarchic twist.

Right now I’m doing a lot of coding (at 57, I know, God help us) – most of the Sixty-5 Android code & some of the Ruby on Rails cloud stuff is mine. Also devops stuff with servers and all that kind of thing. I love all the hands-on stuff.

So, for Farset, as well as sharing the organisational burden with the others, there are a bunch of things that interest me:

Connectivity between the diverse membership and the wider community – both social and industrial. There’s all sorts of interesting stuff that Farset members could be part of, if it interests them. Let’s find more of these things.

Learning – there are so many different ways to get engaged in tech & to learn without going through the established education routes (with their gatekeepers). Some of that Farset is already doing well. I love the idea of someone coming through Farset from no tech knowledge to paid work. Or just for fun.

Farset has a lot of potential to act as an incubator for early stage startups – there’s already a bunch of that happening right now (Sixty-5 is but one example)

Diversity – I love diversity & inclusion. We can extend what we already have.

I love people poking at projects – how can we do more of this?

I love the idea that in years to come, world-changing stuff or people might have had their roots in Farset. That would be something.

For a tiny bit more on me, visit


2. RON


ReOpen Nominations

Ron does nothing, and means we open up nominations again.

The Directors assert that this election, odd as it is, satisfy the Director Appointment Rules as set up in the Operations Manual and ratified by Town Hall Consent from March 2014.

Elections 2016

Farset Labs is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, starting with the original three directors back in late 2011/early 2012. Since then, we aim to try and keep the number of directors at five, so, with the recent departure of Conor Robinson for Space-Stuff (quite literally) and Pip Shea to her great adventures down under, it’s time to launch our 2016 Director Elections. Nominations for the two soon-to-be-vacant Directors chairs will open from the timestamp of this post until midnight on Friday 2nd September

Nominees must:

  • Nominate themselves.
  • Have been a member for at least three months (not necessarily in one block).
  • Email david@farsetlabs.org.uk (and CC admin@farsetlabs.org.uk) with
    • Their name.
    • Their ‘pitch’ which is 1000 characters maximum. (Suitability for role, experience, intentions etc.)
  • Be aware that, if successful in the elections, they must not have any convictions that would prevent them from being the Director of a limited company (i.e. convictions under the Fraud Act 2006) or any convictions regarding sexual offences against minors (i.e. convictions under the Sexual Offences Act 2003).
  • Be aware that they have legal obligations as a Director of Farset Labs, including their legal liabilities to HMRC etc.
  • Be aware that, if successful, they will be required to provide details including their legal name, sex, date of birth, addresses lived in the last three years, signature and National Insurance Number for the purposes of registration with Companies House.

Voting will open when the nominee profiles (consisting of the nominee’s name and pitch) are posted publicly on Monday 5th September (Conveniently coinciding with the next Town Hall) and will close at midday on Friday 30th September.
In the event that there are less than 4 nominees, only one Director seat will be voted on and nominations will be reopened later this year.
Information on how to vote and the procedures surrounding voting, including the case of a draw, will be posted along with the nominee profiles. The results, barring any special circumstances, will be announced as soon as possible after voting closes, likely the following day.
Any questions can be directed to either david@farsetlabs.org.uk or info@farsetlabs.org.uk. You may also find it useful to review the records of previous elections, available on this blog.
Good luck!