LAN-Game Saturday

To relax and get to know the faces behind all the great and weird hackery that’s going on in the space and thanks to Glenn for being awesome and kicking this off, we’ll be having¬†a full day of PC gaming on 19th April 12:00 to late – all welcome! Entry is free for Farset Members (including corporatesponsor employees) and ¬£5 for non-Members.

We shall plumb the depths of multiplayer game greatness, while we’re open to playing anything suggested the prime recommendations for our first foray are RTS/FPS hybrids:

RenegadeX–¬†¬†(remake of C&C: Renegade) FREE download

Just kidding
Just kidding we like consoles too!

–¬†¬†FREE download

Natural Selection

Get ready to team up and compete for map dominance all while having a blast and meeting new faces. Or have a break and kick back in the Farset Retro Gaming Lounge with some 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit (and 64bit?) console classics.

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The Town Hall, February 2013

The entire Farset Labs membership were invited to the Town Hall meeting on Saturday the 16th of February, 2013, and a total of 7 active members turned up, with some additional people turning up out of interest. Among the matters of business was one vote and a discussion on all other issues, as detailed below.

Code of Conduct Review

As mandated in the Code of Conduct, the document is to be reviewed at least once a year, but may be changed at any time given the approval of the membership. The review for 2013 was held at the February Town Hall meeting, and it passed with a vote of 7 ayes, 0 noes and 0 abstentions. The changes outlined were mostly wording changes, but some new clauses covering the use of specialised equipment, the use of VPS, VPN and Web services provided by Evorack and Tibus, and a clause governing member representation of Farset Labs (to protect the members from any legal liability).

These changes will be made available soon and the online versions of the Code will be updated appropriately. If you have any issues or wish to change or add anything in the Code, please bring it up at the next Town Hall meeting, or get in touch as outlined below.

Other Matters of Business

In other news, investigations are ongoing to price reversible (fleece/waterproof jacket) coats branded with the Labs’ logo and member names/handles, plus some other apparel options. A “common sense” ideology for use of the 3D printer and other specialised, easy-to-wreck equipment was stressed, and a tally of the workshop tools to date, both installed and incoming, was taken.

The store’s indexing system to make things easily to find and return is complete, with the allocations changing as the best practice becomes apparent. In the next while, truly useless items will be disposed of. They will be left for a period of 1 week and will be advertised on our social media outlets if you are interested in taking them yourself.

After our first birthday (more on that soon), two new Director positions will be open to voting for the membership body, with any member not disqualified from holding a directorship to a UK Limited Company being eligible. After the first elections, there will be subsequent elections every year for all five positions.

The state of the Labs’ finances was reviewed, with an overall positive result. However, as our utilities and equipment use grows, we will need more income, and could do with some more members.

The series of events scheduled for the upcoming month was laid out, with comments made on future Gathering of Lightening talks regarding presenting. Our GoL talks are open to members and the general public; admission is ticket-based because it is usually a very popular event.

Open discussion to the floor quickly turned jokey, but one non-member who attended commented that we should consider buying lots of canned air.

 The next meeting

The next Town Hall meeting will be scheduled for March 2013 and will be published widely with good notice. Comments, complaints and questions can be sent via email (anonymously or not), but voting matters are open to members only who attend the meeting.

See you then!

First Farset Bring and Buy Sale

ForSale-dispWe had our Town Hall meeting over the weekend, which was a great success that we’ll be posting about separately, but one of the suggestions from our fantastic community was to bring back the old-school idea of tech-swaps, or ‘Bring and Buy Sales’.¬†Bringing back the classic swap-shop¬†atmosphere¬†with a bang, and also hopefully raise some funds for much-needed upgrades to the space.

The Farset Labs Bring-And-Buy sale enables community members and others to sell or swap their creations, or their attic-junk.

The rules are simple, ¬£5/table for members, ¬£10/table for non-members, and don’t try to sell anything illegal.

If you want to attend and check out the wares on offer, don’t worry about tickets, just show up! (Although, non-members attending are ecouraged to donate on arrival…)

Get building and get selling!

Eventbrite - Bring and Buy Sale

Town Hall Meeting and The Gilchrist & Co 5th Anniversary Event

The first Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Friday 21th at 1900. It’s going to be an important event for members, as this series of regular meetings will be your chance to influence the decision-making process at Farset Labs.

Questions and suggestions will be taken from the floor at the Event, but for those not able to attend, thoughts can be emailed to (reaches all three directors). Alternatively, if you seek anonymity, use the service at to send your message.

In other news, the Gilchrist and Co 5th Anniversary Event was held last Tuesday and, despite the fact they’re only supposed to be our accountants, Martin and Michelle threw a party that rivals any other attempt at Farset. The blackboard was heavily used and, with in excess of fifty people attending, valuable networking was achieved, despite the distraction of cake and wine.

All here at Farset look forward to jointly hosting Gilchrist and Co’s 10th birthday party and to many more years of them assisting us in dodging HMRC’s wrath…

Here’s a quick time lapse of the event. Try and spot yourself! Blink and you’ll miss it.