LAN-Game Saturday

To relax and get to know the faces behind all the great and weird hackery that’s going on in the space and thanks to Glenn for being awesome and kicking this off, we’ll be having a full day of PC gaming on 19th April 12:00 to late – all welcome! Entry is free for Farset Members (including corporatesponsor employees) and £5 for non-Members.

We shall plumb the depths of multiplayer game greatness, while we’re open to playing anything suggested the prime recommendations for our first foray are RTS/FPS hybrids:

RenegadeX– (remake of C&C: Renegade) FREE download

Just kidding
Just kidding we like consoles too!

– FREE download

Natural Selection

Get ready to team up and compete for map dominance all while having a blast and meeting new faces. Or have a break and kick back in the Farset Retro Gaming Lounge with some 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit (and 64bit?) console classics.

There will be discounted dinner vittles ordered in specially, with snacks and drinks available throughout the day (in return for a donation to the charity). This is a BYOPC event, there will be some machines available on site, but we recommend bringing your own gaming rig if at all possible.

For more details, questions, or suggestions, post them on the discourse thread.

Don’t forget to check out our big event this April where you get to take home some fantastic freebies, the Galileo-Hack!

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