Town Hall Meeting and The Gilchrist & Co 5th Anniversary Event

The first Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Friday 21th at 1900. It’s going to be an important event for members, as this series of regular meetings will be your chance to influence the decision-making process at Farset Labs.

Questions and suggestions will be taken from the floor at the Event, but for those not able to attend, thoughts can be emailed to (reaches all three directors). Alternatively, if you seek anonymity, use the service at to send your message.

In other news, the Gilchrist and Co 5th Anniversary Event was held last Tuesday and, despite the fact they’re only supposed to be our accountants, Martin and Michelle threw a party that rivals any other attempt at Farset. The blackboard was heavily used and, with in excess of fifty people attending, valuable networking was achieved, despite the distraction of cake and wine.

All here at Farset look forward to jointly hosting Gilchrist and Co’s 10th birthday party and to many more years of them assisting us in dodging HMRC’s wrath…

Here’s a quick time lapse of the event. Try and spot yourself! Blink and you’ll miss it.

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