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Even as we count down to our Steampunk-themed birthday party this weekend (Tickets still available btw), we were approached to host one of the more esoteric events of the calendar; a Steampunk LARP.

LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing, and can be summarised as a cross between a costume party and an immersive acting improvisation session, with a dash of D&D thrown in, usually involving either historical, fantastical, or ‘alternate histories’ scenarios playing out with a cast of costumed characters imagining themselves in the part.

So on September 28th, we’ll be playing host to…

Steel and Water

It’s 1882 and Belfast sits proudly as the de facto capital of The Federated Northern Isles. Its docks bustle with trade from Scandinavia, Russia, the Americas and North Africa and the populace thrives within the established social classes of Tin, Brass, Silver and Gold. Boasting the worlds first subterranean, submarine public transit system and home to some of the worlds grandest and finest engineering Belfast is the very model of a modern city. However, civilisation and endeavour always come at a price and must always face trials; alongside glorious and novel developments come novelties that are darker and less palatable.

Steel and Water is an immersion roleplay experience in which you become your steampunk persona and face the challenges of an advanced and alternative Belfast.

Booking coming soon, updates here and on Facebook.

Facebook group for Steel and Water

Read more about the world of Steel and Water

Tickets cost £15 per player and include a hot meal and refreshments.

Character Generation is coming soon, and will be available on the LARPNI website and emailed to all ticket holders.


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