Director Elections: Return of the Directorships

The last time round that we opened the Director elections, we probably didn’t do it at a great time…exams, holidays and general tomfoolery were all ensuing. Consequently, we’d like to reopen them and give people a second chance to become a Director of Farset Labs.

Follow the guidelines from our previous post here and send your submission to and CC as well.

Nominations are open from the timestamp of this post until midday on Thursday 13th June. Voting will then take place from when the nominee profiles are posted on Thursday 13th June until midday Saturday 23rd June.

Good luck!

**UPDATE**: 21/6/13 (Bolster)

In the light of the discussions held on the recently released Discourse, and the fluffy date (Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd?) we’re extending voting through to 5pm, Monday the 24th of June.

This will also tie in with the normally scheduled Director Meeting, that evening, and we will be inviting the two new directors to that meeting to discuss how to move forward.