Free VPS Cloud Servers for Members

Disclaimer; This movie has no link to reality in any way whatsoever
Disclaimer; This movie has no link to reality in any way whatsoever

Hi Everyone,

As a further update to our last post on the topic, we are pleased to announce that starting today, Enthusiast and Freelancer members of Farset Labs are able to obtain free Evorack Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)!

Why are you doing this?
In collaboration with Evorack, Farset Labs wish to offer our members the  tools needed to develop, test, build and break awesome cloud and server applications, as well as have fun just learning about the inner workings of a Linux server environment.

Linux? What’s that all about?
GNU/Linux (or simply “Linux”) is a Free and Open Source Operating System. According to a Security Space Study, over 60% of the worlds web servers run Linux. While being presented with a shell prompt (“Command Line”) at first can be daunting to some, we are confident that the millions of free software packages available for Linux, as well as the endless configuration possibilities will get you excited to learn more! There is plenty of help available online, as well as within Farset itself, so don’t worry.

So what exactly is a VPS?
A VPS is very similar to a dedicated server that is hosted in a secure Data centre facility that is connected to a high-speed network backbone. The only difference is that the physical hardware resources are shared amongst many people; however, your own OS environment is securely isolated from everyone else using the Xen Hypervisor.

What can I do with my VPS? Are there any restrictions?
These questions, as well as answer to many more can be found in the FAQ document.

I’m really excited! How do I get started?
Great! To get started, please visit the following link: