Farset Labs’ Legal Encounter

UPDATED: The original letters sent to Farset Labs have been linked to throughout the article for context and transparency. Further questions will be answered via email at Farset Labs has gone from strength to strength since opening its doors in April of this year, and the community has grown and matured quickly, but our summer […]


The Latest Flacknite: BBC Micros, Culture Night & more

As our members and followers, will be aware, Flacknite is our semi-regular monthly hackathon, spanning at least 24 hours, which is open to everyone. It provides a bed, a home and an excuse for projects that have been put back, and a lively environment for more time-sensitive ones. As always, they’re catered with food and […]


Flacknite Roundup

Flacknite was a great success, despite being stood up by Red Bull and some questionable sleeping patterns! All in all, we got a lot done, and have learned a lot about how people work independently in these kind of events; In terms of ‘stuff done’, probably the best show piece was Ryan Grieve‘s Microid game […]

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Planned Event: Embedded Programming; Fun with Boards

Farset Labs is planning on running an event to introduce any person of any age to embedded programming; spanning from building your own controller board that you can take home, right up to programming it with some basic functionality. But we want to get the community’s opinion before we set anything in stone. Please, take […]

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Final preparations

Another day of frantic work and continuous driving has brought us much closer to our launch tomorrow. The plumbers have completely fitted the toilets to a great standard and the electricians are making sense of the circuits around the building; the puzzle pieces that were outside our control have pretty much fallen into place. After […]

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