SpaceAPI Update

Its Accessing Space, That's Punny!... Stop looking at me like that...
Accessing (the) Space

The SpaceAPI was born in the Netherlands, and now lives on github. As the name would indicate, it provides an API abstraction layer to a physical (hacker)space.

It exposes information such as:
* Open/Closed State
* Location
* Webcam Feeds
* Contact Details
* Sensor data

and more, from a simple JSON API.

The Farset Labs SpaceAPI server was built to solve the problem of multiple occupancy on the K8055 interface board, that had been the centre of the space’s open/closed notification system.

This system, internally called on differentoccasions Farbot, or Titania, communicated over Twitter and IRC as well as exposing a SpaceAPI json responder for any  enabled services, the Global Hackerspace Wall being a perfect example

When it was decided to integrate the door control from the planned Access Control System into the same service, it quickly became clear that Titania was getting too big and too ugly, and it would be beneficial to decompose the problem into different application.

But these applications wouldn’t be able to talk to the k8055 at the same time, so there would have to be ANOTHER application sitting on top of the board, providing a unified API access point. Continue reading SpaceAPI Update

New Look:Gathering Of Lightning


We all loved the idea of Gathering Of Lightning, but the PR for it was slightly neglected (mea culpa). Not this time!

On Tuesday, 31st, we’re doing it all over again. Beer, Pizza, and Lightning fast discussions from a range of selected speakers from our own community.

While there will be plenty of time to chat on the day, if you want to ‘book’ a speaking slot, get in touch in any of the dozen or so ways that are available!


Facebook Event

BCS Event

Wiki Page (Not very maintained, feel free to contribute)


In other News

After a long stint as our effective critical infrastructure (wiki, redmine, spaceapi, big red button), the old fsl-eee7 was retired after an uptime of over 100 Days. All major functionality has now been moved to the much higher spec’ed Farbot.

We’ve now got two in-house Raspberry Pis for any members to fiddle with. Ask one of the Directors and they’ll usually know where one of them is!

The Eventspace lighting is being updated, but even in the midst of that we were happy to host the BBCNI Creative Collisions Event, which was, in the words of the organisers, ‘a lot more successful than we had expected’.

Planned Event: Embedded Programming; Fun with Boards

Image courtesy of MadLab

Farset Labs is planning on running an event to introduce any person of any age to embedded programming; spanning from building your own controller board that you can take home, right up to programming it with some basic functionality. But we want to get the community’s opinion before we set anything in stone.

Please, take a minute of your time to fill out this survey so we can make the best event for you. Continue reading Planned Event: Embedded Programming; Fun with Boards