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Planned Event: Embedded Programming; Fun with Boards

Image courtesy of MadLab

Farset Labs is planning on running an event to introduce any person of any age to embedded programming; spanning from building your own controller board that you can take home, right up to programming it with some basic functionality. But we want to get the community’s opinion before we set anything in stone.

Please, take a minute of your time to fill out this survey so we can make the best event for you.

In other news,

  • We broke through 100 Facebook Likes last week, and no one noticed;
  • SpringUp was a fantastic success, and we welcome the winning/runner-up teams, Al.rg and betExpertise to their free memberships;
  • Our open/closed status is now listed on the Global Hackerspace Wall and our Front Page (which got a little redesign last week);
  • Our trip to the ITE Titans event at The Titanic Belfast was a very interesting evening for all involved;
  • Confirmed our Charitable Status (XT33366 if anyone cares) and we secured our Rates-exempt status (making the financial future a little less foggy);
  • Rolled out our temporary online membership / donation system (donation button is over that > way > *hint*);
  • Set up a Wiki to manage the internals of the space (work very much in progress);
  • Set up a Redmine Project Management system (again, work in progress).

So, all in all, it’s starting to come together.

In ten days we’ll close out our ‘Founding Member’ list – on the 6th of May, Farset Labs is a month old. Every member who signed up in that time will have their name (or username, if desired [and SFW]) laser etched into a metal plate that will hang in the Labs for as long as they survive.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about joining, now’s the time to sign up. And remember, pop in any time* to check the place out.

*No, we are not 24/7 yet, just watch the Status page.

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