NI Game Awards 2018!

Experience the best Northern Ireland has to offer from a Year in Games and meet the hardworking heroes behind the scenes that made it happen.

The NI Game Awards is hosted at Black Box on Hill Street and organised by committed, enthusiastic members of the NI tech and design community. The awards party is a fully catered event with complementary prosecco and a wide variety of locally-made games and virtual reality to experience. Some of the most anticipated games to come out of Northern Ireland this year are being demoed. The categories include NI Game of the Year, NI Most Anticipated Game, NI Game Studio of the Year, NI Rising Star, NI Community Award.

The awards party gives game developers, enthusiasts and students the chance to network and socialise while celebrating the amazing local talent of the NI game developer industry. Developers will have the chance to let people demo their creations and get advice from some of the most experienced and talented developers in Northern Ireland. Anyone is welcome – whether they’re interested in creating games, or simply getting their name out there in the community. All that is needed is a desire to hang out and chat with other developers.

Brought to you by NI Game Dev Network, with support from NI Screen and Farset Labs.

Vote for the various categories: 

Tickets can be booked at:

Additional Details

Dress Code, though not strictly enforced, we think such an event would be a great opportunity for us to class it up a bit and dress in black-tie. So, dig out your finest suit or dress and let’s feel fancy for the night. Monocles optional.

Mentors include Unity 3D and Unreal experts, multi-award-winning developers, and multi-talented artists. This will provide you with a brilliant opportunity to get some insider tips on improving your graphics and code, getting funding and making a profit, and even on how to get your game published.

Do you want to bring your GAME DEMO? That’s awesome, but please check with us in advance so we can talk about space and time. Send the organisers an email at for more information or ask via the Facebook group and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

As the venue will be serving alcohol, you must be over 18 by the date of the event for us to be in accordance with the licensing laws. We are really sorry if this means you won’t be able to join us this time, but please do follow us to keep up to date with other events in the future.


If you’re travelling by BUS Customs House Square, next to Mc Hugh’s is the closest bus stop, which includes a Glider stop and is a 4 minute walk from the venue.

If you’re travelling by TRAIN, Lanyon Place (Central Station) is the closest station to the venue and is a 16 minute walk, so leave plenty of time to catch the last train home.

If you’re travelling by CAR, Dunbar Street and Exchange Street are the closest car parks, just 4 minutes away.

As per our standard, any profit or remaining finances will go to the NI Game Dev Network community, passing forward to future events and to supporting the NI game community.

For any more information or if you have any questions about attending/demoing at the event, please contact

Belfast GameCraft is back; Jam season returns.

Belfast GameCraft

As the nights close in during October, warm your creative engine with some tasty Game Jam at Farset Labs. Our friends at GameCraft will be returning for a day-long game jam on Saturday 18th October, with a panel of independent game developers judging the winners.

GameCraft is a games jam event to build, bind and encourage the gaming community to make their ideas happen. This latest Belfast date forms part of a chain of GameCraft events starting back in 2012 with 120 people producing more than 35 games at the first event; since then it has been hosted in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, and at huge national games events like Insomnia.

The jam is based on a secret theme, announced on the Saturday morning.

With that as your starting point, no matter your particular interests or skills, the task of making a game in a single day begins.

Anyone who has been to a game jam before can tell you about the excitement of getting started, and the satisfaction of getting to the end – in between are the half-baked ideas that just about work, the quarter-baked short-cuts that work better than they deserve to, and the ages of concentration to get an animation right because it makes the character “just perfect”. It’s a fun ride, and GameCraft concentrates all of this into one day, so there’s none of the crazy-sleepless-zombie-coding seen at weekend jams.

Come to have fun! Come to share ideas or just compete! Most of all, come and make games!

This is a BYOC event, but Farset can provide external monitors on request.

You can find more information about GameCraft, and register for GameCraft Belfast, on their site. Registration is required to take part.

Farset Labs Members can also take advantage of their free tickets. Information on how to get your free tickets in our members forum

Belfast GameCraft is sponsored by DemonWare, SixMinute, and Leman Solicitors, and is hosted by Farset Labs

Get Kids Coding, Designing and Building This Summer 2014 with Our Special Four-Week CoderDojo Course


Summer can be either be downtime or uptime for kids, families and businesspeople alike. For our members who volunteer to run CoderDojo at Farset Labs it could have been a good time to chill out. But noooooo, they’ve only gone and made more work for themselves.

This July and August, bring your kids to Farset Labs to learn their choice of the following, in four weeks:

  1. Build and program a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot. The robot was part of the kit kindly donated to Farset by the Nerve Centre for just this kind of hands-on learning. Well, it’s not just about the learning, right? It’s the errr…. Robots! UPDATE: LEGO sessions were booked-out in a couple of hours! Sorry. Hannah is taking names for more LEGO sessions in September, just email
  2. Design a working computer game with GameMaker.
  3. Design and build a website.

Normal CoderDojo will resume in September. See the calendar for details.

Aaaand, while we have your attention, it’s worth reminding everyone that Farset has no public funding and is run by volunteers. No, wait, not quite volunteers: in fact all of us pay to be members in the first place. So if you or your contacts are interested in sponsoring great causes like our CoderDojo events, or getting behind Farset in its mission to develop everyone’s creative and technical skills, get in touch. And you don’t have to be a deep-pocketed company, Farset’s lifeblood is our recurring monthly member payments, and we are always keen for small personal donations from visitors to the Labs. ‘Nuff said about filthy lucre, now let’s get back to the… errr… ROBOTS!

Register for the CoderDojo Summer Course here.

P.S: No nasty remarks about my design skills on the flyer. I stayed up to the wee hours putting that abomination together. It’s MY abomination and I’m proud of it.