Hack for your community sponsored by Liberty IT

We are pleased to announce that Farset Labs will be hosting a hackathon on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of December*. The event, sponsored by Liberty IT, will be held in the newly renovated Event Space in Farset.

The hackathon brings together like-minded, creative thinkers with their most innovative ideas. You’ll be given the weekend to work on an idea you’d like to kick-start, taking advantage of a community’s knowledge sharing, as well as equipment and resources provided by Farset. And of course, there will be plenty of food and caffeine in supply to keep your energy levels up throughout the weekend!

To get a feel for how we run hackathons, have a look at some of our previous ones! Global Game Jam was extra special, but our usual Flacknites are a good demo of the ‘hands off’ approach we take.

This year the hackathon has the feel-good theme of “Making a Difference in the Community”, so chosen ideas should ultimately be for a good cause and benefit the local community in some way. That coupled with the chance to win a prize fund of up to £1000 for the most innovative ideas; there are no better reasons to sign up!

Please note: Neither Farset Labs nor event sponsors, Liberty IT, will make any claim on intellectual property generated at the event.

To sign up, either complete the form below or visit

* 12pm Saturday until 6pm Sunday

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