Candidate Profiles for Director Elections

Nominations are now closed for our Director Elections. In alphabetical order, our candidates are as follows:

Ben Bland

The maker movement is a primary axes of the current industrial revolution. So when I first met the current directors of Farset Labs, just before launch, I was eager to be involved. I could see then that a hackerspace could be a major asset for the tech community here. I introduced the directors to what is now our studio, and have aided the community’s development since. In that time the directors and several members have become good friends.

My offer to our community includes 12 years’ professional experience, with particular knowledge in organisational strategy, digital media, and marketing & communications. My work in that time has focused on the digital, creative and tech industries, in which I’ve built a strong network of relationships with relevant people and organisations.

I propose to focus on the following:

• Increasing and diversifying the membership base.
• Developing sustainable and efficient business functions.
• Building relations with the wider tech and creative community.

My schedule will put constraints on the time I can provide but I aim to build a productive role that will enhance Farset’s position as the primary base in Northern Ireland’s maker movement.

Andrew Sheppard

I feel I would be suitable for this role, as I have experience at an executive level within a QUB society, and a director level for Q-Con. I also feel that I am suitable as I am a hard worker when it comes to it, and I can also manage my time evenly, throughout all my responsibilities.As a director I would intend to provide a fair hackerspace for all the members. I would also assist the members in making the space a more enjoyable place to work and hack.

My experience in Q-Con will allow me to easily make a budget, which can increase the profits in Farset Labs, while also making prices fair, reasonable and above all else, affordable.

While I am a novice when it comes to hacking and other activities which occur in the space, I will endeavour to help members and current directors make the space a more enjoyable place. With my lack of expertise in hacking, I can bring a new mind set to the table and along with that, new ideas and plans, which can help develop the space further.

Jonathan Tripathy

I have always loved all things electrical since a child. Whether this be radio systems (ever seen a 4 year old follow an RTE aerial installer?), computer or networking systems, I have always had a keen interests in these areas. Throughout my (now bygone) Uni days, I always had a vision of putting my skills and passions into forming a business, and thus ABPNI was born.Business Background:
After (somewhat cheekily) placing leaflets on the counter in the bookshop I worked in back in 2007, ABPNI started life as a door-to-door computer repair business. After gaining contacts in the business sector (and working on their intra-site networking and software systems), I turned ABPNI’s focus towards the server hosting sector, and thus ABPNI’s Evorack division was born.What I can bring to the table for Farset:
With my strong background in I.T. Infrastructure and Software, as well as my skillset obtained while being a Director of a company (dealing with Companies House and HMRC), I feel I can bring not only ideas, but also additional execution to management team at Farset, especially in relation to I.T. I also have a keen interest in teaching and would be willing to provide Masterclasses and teaching sessions to members in the fields of I.T. and Amateur Radio.On the nature of Jonathan Tripathy’s current dual position as a member/corporate sponsor:
As ABPNI/Evorack is a corporate sponsor of Farset, there may be a few times where a conflict of interest may occur. After discussions with the current management team, it was concluded that with the aid of the other 4 Directors as well as the community, these conflicts of interests can be turned into non-issues, where a satisfactory outcome is always obtained.

Adam Turner

I am standing because I believe in Farset, and want to help keep it strong into the future.

My key skills are passion and creativity, but I also have experience in marketing, business and management. I am also a nice, open minded and approachable person (when I’ve had a coffee).


· Running my own digital marketing/web design company.
· Committee of Politics Society and Archery Club.
· Director of ICT in YE company – Won 3 awards, 2 related to IT.
· Shadowed Kainos’ Marketing Director.
· Marketing Placement in Employers for Childcare (included lobbying Stormont).
· Early involvement in creation of Northern Ireland Youth Assembly.


My intention is to be there to help with the running of Farset, while also helping to secure what it has already achieved and explore areas of possible growth and improvement.

One such area that is currently on my mind is the availability in Farset of training in core business skills for both members and the surrounding community.

Dylan Wylie

Farset Labs thus far has been a resounding success, membership is growing and our balance book is clear of the red. We have a fantastic opportunity to build upon this and achieve more.
To do this I believe we must continue and expand upon the outreach work we’ve been doing so far, really push to get our name out there both within and beyond Belfast. Following this I’d like to build interest from government in what we’re doing; current legislation provides us with no public help but by showing off we can hopefully impress upon the assembly and local government the need in the community for what we’re doing.
Internally I would like to spend time in making the space more presentable, while we’re never going to have it sparkling clean, vast improvements can be made with simple changes. Mainly what we need most is to increase the engagement of our membership, we need to have more of our members coming forward, making more suggestions, telling us what they like, what they don’t like and what they want changed.
I don’t consider myself to be the most qualified member for the role but I am willing to put in the time and effort that’s required. I believe I have the time, skills and enthusiasm necessary to help our next year be even better than the last.


All current Farset members will be getting an email with a link to vote shortly. If you do not receive this email, and believe you should have, please let us know at Voting will close at midnight Saturday 23rd June.

Good luck!

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