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Weeknotes 2015-48: OpenData and Lots of Network changes

Each week we’ll be publishing some of the interesting things that members have been up to over the past seven days.

This week Ben and Bolster were up on the hill for the launch of OpenDataNI, with whom we’ll be working on a Hackathon in Early 2016. In other news, Dan has been working pretty much around the clock migrating, updating, and sane-ifying networking and ops for the space.

Coming up this week we’ve got Cryptoparty on Wednesday and the last ELi5 of 2015 on Thursday. Hopefully see you there!

Things of Note

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What’s happening in the space in the next fortnight

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Mon 30/11 Directors’ Meeting [Lounge] 19:00 20:50
Wed 02/12 Cryptoparty Belfast [Event Space] 18:00 20:00
Thu 03/12 ELI5 [Event Space] 18:30 21:00
Mon 07/12 Town Hall [Event Space] 19:00 21:00
Tue 08/12 Member Booking [Event Space] 18:00 22:00
Wed 09/12 WordPress NI [Event Space] 19:00 22:00
Wed 09/12 Sketchy Individuals [Co-Working] 19:00 23:00
Thu 10/12 Farset Christmas Pot-Luck Dinner [Event Space] 19:00 22:00
Fri 11/12 CoderDojo [Event Space] 17:30 19:30
Sat 12/12 Raspberry Jam [Event Space] [Workshop] 13:00 17:00

Done, Doing, Waiting

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