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Weeknotes 2015-47: Welcome to Weeknotes

Each week we’ll be publishing some of the interesting things that members have been up to over the past seven days.

This is totally inspired by the same mechanic developed at DoEsLiverpool, and the code is open-sourced on my GitHub, and issues/bugreports/fixes are appreciated (I’ll eventually move it over to the Farset collection, once it’s battle-tested!).

It’s intentionally minimal and I’ll be looking at adding more advanced functionality later, particularly “Most popular FB / Tweets from Farset” and “Most popular Discourse Discussions”, but I’m not a designer so someone else can make it pretty.

Things of Note

These tweets are automatically selected from tweets from registered members who are listed in the @FarsetLabs/members twitter list using the #weeknotes hashtag


What’s happening in the space in the next fortnight

Mouse over for event descriptions


Sat 21/11 Chain Reaction Technology ECom Hackathon [Event Space/Hot-Desks] All of 2 days
Mon 23/11 Directors Meeting [Lounge] 19:00 20:50
Wed 25/11 Code Club Meetup [Event Space] 17:00 19:00
Fri 27/11 CoderDojo [Event Space] 17:30 19:30
Mon 30/11 Directors’ Meeting [Lounge] 19:00 20:50
Wed 02/12 Cryptoparty Belfast [Event Space] 18:00 20:00
Thu 03/12 ELI5 [Event Space] 18:30 21:00
Fri 04/12 Placeholder Booking [Event Space] 13:00 20:30
Sat 05/12 Placeholder Booking [Event Space] 13:00 20:30

Farset exists to support the community that uses it. If you use Farset Labs or attend events at the labs, then you are part of that community. If you would like to publicise something related to Farset, you can email with the formatted content for us to use as a new blog post. Tell us what you’re up to, and we’ll show the world what madness happens at the Labs!