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We’ve added a few events to our calendar, accessible here, so, in case you’ve missed any, we’ve got a round-up of the coming week’s festivities.

First up, we’ve got FEAST/FAMINE on Sunday night, kicking off at 7pm. The usual, relaxed format applies, so come down, grab a takeaway and end the week in cinematic style. Since this is our informal community movie night, it’s only open to Farset members.

On Wednesday night, we have the SuperCollider user group in our regular slot, so, starting from 6:30pm, the Event Space will be filled with odd sounds from our resident experimental musicians.

We have another Town Hall event scheduled for Saturday at 3pm, allowing members to talk to the Directors and bring up their suggestions or complaints, in personal or anonymous form. The Directors will also be bringing up some important discussions and setting out the roadmap for the next few months. Farset Labs members have voting rights, so make sure to come and make your voice heard – remember, the hackerspace is run for you!

Either side of the Town Hall meeting on Saturday, we’ll be doing a spring clean, starting at around 10am. We’d really appreciate a hand with this, so any warm bodies would be very welcome to assist in the cleaning. We’re aiming to get the entire place spruced up, but we’re intending to pay special attention to the Workshop, making it easier to use and streamlining the Store.

And, of course, we have our Raspberry Jam event tomorrow, starting at 1pm, so we’ll see a lot of you there!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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