Lightning Strikes Twice

Gathering of Lightning, Farset Labs’ highly successful ad-hoc presentation series, is coming back after a Freshers Hiatus, again, in collaboration with The British Computing Society, 7pm to 9pm on Thursday the 25th of October.

The format is the same as before:

  • Speakers have a maximum of 7 minutes to speak on the subject of their choice. This will be enforced with projectiles this time.
  • The Use of Non-Projected Visual Aids is heavily encouraged (but if you really need a power point, that’s ok too, it’s just not very cool)
  • On the night, presenters (planned or unplanned) are invited to put a 3-5 word synopsis of their topic on the blackboard
  • The Compère will decide what order in which presentations will be done, so be nice to him/her
  • Punishment for rule/time violators is at the disgression of the sponsor, in this case the BCS

Currently proposed (but not scheduled) topics include:

  • Garage Beer Brewing
  • The Media Community in Northern Ireland
  • BBC CPR – Micro Resuscitation
  • BCS Reborn
  • Circuit Bending Killed The Video Star

 Book your free ticket here (also please consider a donation ticket, because you’re nice like that!)

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