Getting Started with Arduino – A Shameless Plug

Have you wanted to fiddle with electronics but don’t have the equipment or knowledge?

Last were contacted by an Italian Maker-collective called, who are associated with the fantastic Arduino project for electronics experimentation and prototyping.

They were kindly letting us know about a new RS sponsored video series walking through RS’s new Arduino Starter Kit (£67), presented by Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi (yes, that is his real surname).

On Monday, they presented their first video, “Get to know your tools”. The video explains how to build a basic circuit with the Arduino board, and how to use each of the basic components such as LEDs, switches, and resistors. So if you are new to electronics, this is a must!

They’ve got a programme of 10 videos lined up, finishing up with a Twitter Controlled Mood Lamp, which we here at Farset Labs will be really interested to see, considering our occasionally depressed Nabaztag…

We’ve been walking a few of the drop-ins through similar circuits, and these videos are going to be a great resource for education. And the Starter packs look pretty darned handy too…

Disclaimer: Depending on the community response to these videos, we’re investigating getting a few of the educational packs for the space, so if you’d be interested in this, PLEASE let us know in the comments section!

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