Three Months In: Help Wanted

Farset is still here and still going strong post-exam/graduation season, which saw a large proportion of our membership (and directors) being very pressed for time.

Now it’s time to look back over three brilliant months, and to continue to grow in the future. In those three short months, Farset Labs has established itself as a top tech venue in Northern Ireland, and a ‘centre of awesomeness’ for education, knowledge sharing, and industry networking. We’ve been involved in the upcoming TechBritian launch, been listed as a Channel 4 Education space, ran more fantastic events than I’d care to mention, tore apart the building, played host to some of the premier local technology events, as well are representing the geek community at many ‘prestige‘ events.

We have plans in place to expand our work with other organisations, including Fab Labs, the Northern Ireland Assembly, the British Computing Society, among others,

Now we’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves, it’s time to rise to the desires of the community. We are currently in a state where Farset Labs is self-sustaining in terms of the space and bills etc, but to commit to any growth in terms of equipment and facilities, we need the support of the local technology community.

Things on our wishlist:

  • 30+ Stackable Conference Chairs, (Event Space)
  • 8 Folding Desks, (Event Space)
  • New Desks/Chairs for the hot desking space, to increase capacity to 26
  • Laptops/Desktops; need to be ‘recent’ but no requirement to be ‘State of the Art’, driving towards being used for CoderDojo and for a research cluster
  • Cloud Computing Time for members
  • Rack Mount machines for service provision for members
  • Electronics tools (Soldering irons, etc) [for boarduino event]
  • More storage (Shelving units, etc)
  • Lockers for members
  • Projectors
  • Whiteboards
  • Extension Leads / 4-gangs, etc

Anything (and we mean anything) else can usually be used for either spare parts or art! If you are in a position to donate or sponsor any of these things, don’t hesitate to drop in any time and say hello, or contact us at to chat about what we can do with your kit! All donations are announced online (at donors discression) and any donated kit can be labeled with your business / name. And if you can, please consider making a financial donation or joining as a corporate member.

Farset Labs has already managed to change the face of the technology community in Northern Ireland in just three months with nothing but goodwill. Imagine what we could do with your help.

And don’t forget that tonight we’re holding our FEAST/FAMINE movie-night event!

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