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Getting kids excited about Computer Science in Northern Ireland

The following is a combined position paper and call-to-action for a project that many of us have been working on behind the scenes for a long time now, especially Andrew Mulholland who’s taken over the operation of the Raspberry Jam programme. Andrew and I collaborated on this document to put forward our plans for a […]


Club Mate Buy In

Farset Labs is proud to announce that we will be the first people to bring the amazing Club Mate caffineated soft-drink to the hallowed shores of Northern Ireland. This low-impact, all natural energy drink is renowned within hacker-culture across the globe (having powered the author through a 76 hour straight volunteer-fest at The Next HOPE without any […]


Three Months In: Help Wanted

Farset is still here and still going strong post-exam/graduation season, which saw a large proportion of our membership (and directors) being very pressed for time. Now it’s time to look back over three brilliant months, and to continue to grow in the future. In those three short months, Farset Labs has established itself as a […]

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The All Island Software Network

We are very pleased to announce the generous support of yet another group, the All Island Software Network, a joint partnership between Intertrade Ireland, the Irish Software Association, and Momentum, the Trade Association for IT in Northern Ireland. They supply businesses across the whole island of Ireland with plentiful funding, advice, routes for cross-border relations […]

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