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This isn't working, its failing... with style

Got a project that’s languished in the back on your mind for weeks/months/years?

Saw something on the internet and said ‘I can do that better’?

Need a place to knuckle down and push through the annoying stages of a product?

Have none of these things but still want to play?

Boy have we got a show for you.


We want to thank some local companies who have contributed to this event.

Crafty Devil

Vital Info

When: 1400 Saturday 19/05/12 to 1700 Sunday 20/05/12

Event Links:

Get involved:
  • Wiki Feel free to add away
  • Redmine Members projects will live under here


On Saturday the 19th of May, we are running a 24 hour overnight event where anyone with an idea, or a half-attempted project can come and share their passion with their peers.

FlackNite (Farset Labs hack) is the first of a regular programme of 24-hour tech-events. The challenge is simple; finish a technical project or solve a problem in 24 hours, and be able to stand up in front of your peers and show off your work. FlackNite offers a platform for the rapid development of projects, as well as a structured and constructive feedback from peers.

Throughout the event, there will be regular breaks to talk through progress on projects, offering participants the opportunity to receive regular feedback on their progress, and the ability to change direction early, or add features suggested by peers, if needed.

Projects can be individual or team based, and the ‘show and tell’ part is optional but suggested. If you want to get involved, register your interest on our Digital Circle or Facebook event, and don’t forget to put any half-baked project ideas onto the wiki to find a team or just give someone else a good idea.

Also, if you want to get started, there is a section for Member Projects on the Farset Labs Redmine software.

The event will be lightly catered and every attendee is welcome to use the rest of the resources available at Farset Labs if they are not already a member. People are welcome to come and go as they please throughout the 24-hour event, and are more than welcome to bring whatever and whoever they wish to help their ideas come to reality.

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