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Got a project that’s languished in the back on your mind for weeks/months/years? Saw something on the internet and said ‘I can do that better’? Need a place to knuckle down and push through the annoying stages of a product? Have none of these things but still want to play? Boy have we got a […]

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Community Choice: Tech-Get-Together

As we creep up towards 100 Facebook likes, it’s about time that we started some proper community events on a regular basis. When do you want to have a weekly tech-get-together in the Event Space? We want to open up the space to our community, just to chill out and chat about their working/playing week […]


Chalkboard Codes

After the final touches to our massive blackboard were completed in the event space, and after the initial rush of impulse drawing had subsided, two members jointly decided to have a go at something more interesting. Myself and Daniel Reid used a kindly-donated projector and a packet of white chalk, coupled with a helping of […]

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