Creativity Month 2018 – Idea Jam and Bog Standard

As part of the Department of Communities “Creativity Month 2018”, Farset are coordinating two workshop-style events this year, continuing our now 5 year track record of delivering awesome weirdness! Bog Standard and IdeaJam, both kindly supported by the Department of Communities NI IdeaJam Ideas. We’ve all got ‘em, rattling around in our busy, distracted heads. […]

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Launching @MakerAssemblyNI: 16th March

EDIT: Schedule released below We’ve been quietly toiling away in the background to bring the movers, shakers and taste makers of the UK Maker Community  (and beyond!) to Belfast for a one day mini-conference, set up to tear down some misconceptions about the community and to address some of the unique challenges faced in our […]

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