Farset Seasonal Pot-Luck Dinner Hack 2015

Good merry-tide, members, friends, associates, and lovely patient observers!
The year rushed us into winter with the alacrity of a brusque elderly relation, so it’s once more time to meet together and eat together!

The Plan
Bring something tasty, or at least something edible, to Farset Labs for an evening of sharing food with good company, and identifying your opposite number. If you don’t have an opposite number, you can have a go at recruiting one.
No matter your persuasion or affiliation, it’s an evening of welcome open to all who frequent Farset and have supported us throughout our 2015 adventure.
There will be some accompaniments of the musical variety, and suitably bright decorations… um… decorating the place.

The Date
The date for this is Thursday 10th December (at 7pm).

The Cost
No cost other than your company and some form of shareable foodstuff (cold/hot, liquid/solid). We had a particularly large selection of pulled pork, desserts and cheeses at last year’s very popular meet-up, if that gives you any ideas 🙂

We do ask that non-members of Farset contribute a small donation to the venue charity for the evening.  (Suggested donation: £3)