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NdGT, tellin' it like it is.
NdGT, tellin’ it like it is.

This is going to sound old hat, but here at Farset, we’re all about cultivating an environment where the next generation of technologists can come into their own, but as the old saying goes, to teach is to learn twice.

That’s why we are always encouraging not only peer-teaching within the space and at Farset events, but also try and encourage our members to take part in STEM outreach to local schools.

As such, we’ve been internally working on a semi-regularly-updated wiki of the STEM events that need help in Northern Ireland, and hopefully, people will step up to the plate and give their time and energy to the next generation of technologists.

And before you say “That’s the teachers job”, just think back to your own teachers. Did they really know about the latest and greatest technologies going on?

I bet they didn’t (obviously replace those with temporally relevant technologies…).

As an aside, we’re trying to find someone to fund travel expenses for such outreach, because we definitely can’t! But if you’re free at any of the listed times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or the listed contact points on the wiki and give back to the education system.


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