Welcome Evorack to The Space

Farset Labs would like to introduce our latest corporate member, Evorack!

Owned and operated by Belfast firm ABPNI Computer Solutions Ltd, and run by our own member Jonny Tripathy (don’t worry, he’s still paying membership as well!), Evorack provides Linux and Windows virtual server hosting solutions based on the open source Xen Hypervisor platform.

In conjunction with Evorack’s infrastructure and experience, Farset Labs hopes to roll-out server hosting tools to our members, enabling them to develop, test, build (and break) cool cloud apps and services.

With the number of new innovations in web-based apps and services having some sort of cloud back-end, it is only natural that Farset provides these resources to our members.

Over the next days we’ll be transferring much of our web infrastructure to Evorack, and implementing member level, private web storage, VPN, and community application servers. As with most things there may be a few hiccups… But we’ll make it through.

Anyway, welcome on board guys!

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