2012 Q3 Event Calendar

Hope everyone enjoyed ‘The Summer’! We’ve been busily fiddling away here at Farset Labs.

Internet, Heating, Electricity, and Stealthii
  • The Lounge is in the middle of ‘Yet Another Rearrangement’
  • Stealthii received his Raspberry Piand has been making us all insanely jealous

    Ummmmmmm…. Pi…

  • Eoghan has been working on an indicator board 
  • CCTV is getting a bump from 4 channel DVR to 16 channel DVR (don’t worry, we’re only using 8 Cameras)
  • RFID is just waiting on our Management and Authentication system to be brought up.
  • M/A is coming along, it is simply a case of getting the main people in a room together at the same time.
  • We now have storage crates available for general use(Thanks DS for their kind donation, and also for writing on every possible panel on every one of them…. Eoghan has only just come down from the IPA fumes!)

    First come, First served

But the ‘Big News’ is the codification of our long term monthly events calendar. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past two months playing with different events and different arrangements, and while we’re still more than likely going to shift things around, we’re launching eight new regular events, bringing our regular monthly calendar to a fantastic twelve events! (Noone expects you to go to all of them by the way!);
Music Mondays is a technology and music crossover event held on the first Monday of the month, with scope for everything from synthesiser building, MIDIfying everything, chiptune circuit bending, realtime interactive compositions, or just ‘heres my mix, what do you think’.
Wildcard(*) User Group is where every Wednesday, we open the space for free to local technology user groups to meet and experiment. If you have an idea for a User Group for a technology you can’t live without (or just want to know more about) or if you are already part of a user group and want to book a slot, get in touch! Or just VOTE for the groups you want allocated.
Gathering of Lightning as already been on the cards for a while, but we’re making it regular. On the first Saturday of each month, we’re going to hold a series of lightning talks, where anyone with an interest or passion about or around tech can do a bit of a rant. Very informal, and very relaxed athmosphere. If you want to submit a talk, just add it to the wiki page!
FEAST/FAMINE is an obscure abbreviation that one of the directors came up with that is a informal takeaway/pizza night every first Sunday of the month for members. Come, order, eat and relax. Once I learn the darned acronym, I’ll let you know.
Legitimate Business is a series of commercial, corporate, governmental and entrepreneurial best practise events held on the second Tuesday of each month, including guest speakers from the local (and hopefully, international) business and entrepreneurial community. If you’ve got anything you’d like us to cover, or you’re a business service provider who would like to present, get in touch or add it to the wiki!
Town Hall Tuesdays are a monthly opportunity for the membership to get together to discuss any problems or ideas they are having with the space or the community in an open, physical, forum.
We’re holding a Coffee Morning on the morning of the second Friday of the month, as an chance for people to get together and close out the end of the week with a brew. Simples!
The Learning Zone, held in the afternoon of the second Saturday of the month consists of a series of community generated lectures/courses/classes where members can share their experiences in a bit more depth than is afforded in the Gathering of Lightning events. As usual, members are free to submit their ideas to the wiki.
Art-A-Tech is a programme of collaborative events being run on the third Thursday of the month, between Farset Labs and a crack pair of UU Media researchers with a history of interesting interplays between technology and culture. The aim of the series is to bring artists and technologists together and see what magic happens!
We all know and love Flacknite, so we’re running the 24hr extravaganza  every third weekend.
The Open Data Playground will be held every fourth Thursday of the month, where data-geeks (and wannabe data-geeks), web devs, graphic designers, and *QL sorcerers, can hang out and play with bits. We’re hoping to put on some commercially sponsored data-challenges and competitions to make things interesting.
And to close off the week, we’re holding a Belfast HacksHackers chapter on the fourth Saturday of the month.  It’s for hackers exploring technologies to filter and visualize information, and for journalists who use technology to find and tell stories.
And that’s our month! Most of these events are still in the ‘ironing out’ stages, and we’re open to offers of corporate sponsorship for individual events to offset any catering costs, but hopefully this gives Farset a bit more consistent structure. Our first event of this new and improved events schedule will be the Open Data Playground on the 28th of June.
If you’ve been tickled by any of these events, don’t hesitate to get involved in the wiki pages linked above! And if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines for some magic to happen before joining; now is the time to commit! (No committment required actually, but you know what I mean!)

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