Rule Changes: Clear-Desk, Desk Rental, and Hazardous Chemical Safety Policy Updates

TL;DR: After going through due process, the desk usage policy has been updated to: explicitly state that un-rented desks should be cleared after use; that members have the right to move equipment left on un-rented desks to communal storage areas; which desks are currently rented/hot-desk/communal; and implementing standard COSHH practices. Continue reading Rule Changes: Clear-Desk, Desk Rental, and Hazardous Chemical Safety Policy Updates

SpaceAPI Update

Its Accessing Space, That's Punny!... Stop looking at me like that...
Accessing (the) Space

The SpaceAPI was born in the Netherlands, and now lives on github. As the name would indicate, it provides an API abstraction layer to a physical (hacker)space.

It exposes information such as:
* Open/Closed State
* Location
* Webcam Feeds
* Contact Details
* Sensor data

and more, from a simple JSON API.

The Farset Labs SpaceAPI server was built to solve the problem of multiple occupancy on the K8055 interface board, that had been the centre of the space’s open/closed notification system.

This system, internally called on differentoccasions Farbot, or Titania, communicated over Twitter and IRC as well as exposing a SpaceAPI json responder for any  enabled services, the Global Hackerspace Wall being a perfect example

When it was decided to integrate the door control from the planned Access Control System into the same service, it quickly became clear that Titania was getting too big and too ugly, and it would be beneficial to decompose the problem into different application.

But these applications wouldn’t be able to talk to the k8055 at the same time, so there would have to be ANOTHER application sitting on top of the board, providing a unified API access point. Continue reading SpaceAPI Update

Project Redecorate starts now!

After two months of, although quirky, irrefutably “office” decor, it’s time for our event space to be restored to the Victorian charm from which it arose! For a while, we’ve been playing with the idea of getting rid of the suspended fibre ceiling in the space and exposing the period pillars and beams, and after a day’s experimentation, it’s decided: we’re going ahead!

What the vision entails is exposing the entirety of the building’s original woodwork and support pillars, and restoring them to their former glory. New architectural lighting, black ceiling beams and renovated cable management are all in the master plan, as well as some lovely aesthetic improvements like stripping the cast iron pillars to the bare metal.

However, we’ll need some assistance.

We currently do not have many sets of ladders which are a crucial part of the project. Limited timescale and funds mean that the ceiling needs to be finished very promptly, so all help possible is appreciated.

We would greatly appreciate anyone who would be willing to help out or lend us some stepladders for the duration of the project; without your help it will be much harder to restore the Old Schoolhouse to its former glory!

If you would like to help out in any way, or would be willing to lend us some equipment, materials, or their time, please get in contact through the usual channels.

Donation Day

Thank you very much to everyone who has offered to donate equipment to Farset Labs – we’re very grateful, as members’ generosity is what has allowed us to start.

However, none of it is in the space yet, so we’d like to let you know that today (Wednesday 4th April), Farset Labs will be open for the dropping off of equipment from 11am to 6pm.

If you need something bulky picked up, we can send out reinforcements equipped with a trailer and if these times don’t suit you, don’t hesitate to get in contact ( or to arrange a more convenient slot.

We advise that you give us a heads up before you come round to Farset Labs, as we may be away for short periods doing pick-ups of bulky items, but we’ll do our best to have someone around to let people in.

If you would like to add your equipment to the list of donations, we’d be very grateful. To do so, fill out our short donation form at