Galileo-Hack Round Up


Last weekend we celebrated Farset Labs’ second birthday, and the arrival of our newest corporate member Intel, in traditional fashion: we threw a hackathon. Intel brought down a bunch of their new Galileo boards, a huge selection of components and the ever-necessary beer and snacks.

With the ingredients in place for some serious hacking, we kicked-off with Intel’s Mark Corkery giving a quick talk on the company and their focus on developing the internet of things, spurring the teams to get stuck into figuring these boards out.

As expected with such a new piece of kit, much of the initial few hours was spent working out how to use the thing. A round of applause was deservedly given to Team Magee shortly before 11pm when they announced they’d not only connected the board to the internet but also got SSH into it.


Working through the night the teams uncovered a Yocto image from Intel Taiwan which contained many useful pieces of software precompiled and suddenly the capabilities of the board increased exponentially.

However lady fate saw things going a little too swimmingly and suddenly our Ultimaker 3D printer decided to put a thorn in the competing teams plans by refusing to print. Team Magee were especially hard hit as their project required bespoke valves designed using 3D modelling software.

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Please Welcome Intel to the Farset Family

Intel & Farset Logos

We’re very pleased to publicly announcee our new corporate member… [drum roll]… Intel. Welcome to the family!

Intel hopes that supporting Farset Labs will help to build close relationships with the local technology community and open opportunities to collaborate on innovative projects. Similarly, we’re keen to act as a link between the industrial sector and our member-base of makers and technology geeks. Partnering with a company that is widely regarded as one of the world’s leaders in innovation is a big occasion for us.

Corporate membership allows some of Intel’s staff to use the hackerspace, for working on technical projects, mixing and collaborating with individual members, and hosting events. There is a successful history of companies integrating with, and providing staff access to, external technology workshops in other countries. In the US particularly, new products and companies have been launched from ideas developed in hackerspaces there, and partnering companies have reported major increases in innovation metrics such as the filing of new patents.

Since Intel acquired the Belfast-headquartered software company Aepona in April 2013, the company has been seeking to enrich its affiliation with external technology workers and graduates. Joining Farset Labs is a public commitment to this cause. Michael Black, General Manager Intel Belfast said “Intel strongly believes in the importance of supporting technology and innovation, and there is already lots of discussion and excitement from individuals who are keen to share knowledge with the Farset community and to work together with them to turn ideas into prototypes and products.”

There have never before been better prospects for anyone with the courage to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Intel has a rare history of repeated success through innovation. Having Intel as our new corporate member gives all our members an opportunity for hands-on access to the company’s extraordinary drive, expertise and resources.

We’re in discussion with Intel over plans for events and projects throughout 2014. Any suggestions would be very welcome – what would you like to do with Intel?

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