It’s Pi Approximation Day – Anyone want to Launch a Raspberry Pi into Space with Us?

The date is 22/7, or Pi Approximation Day, so it’s a good day to announce Northern Ireland’s very own charitable space programme, and start work on sending a Raspberry Pi into space. We’ve picked this project deliberately because it will require people with a wide range of skills and interests to collaborate, hopefully uniting our […]


Farset Labs to Host Global Game Jam for New World Record-Breaking Event

Here’s another first for the local tech community: Farset Labs is proud to announce becoming Belfast’s first and only official site for Global Game Jam, set this year for 25-27 January. This is the biggest event of its kind in the world and brings some big name sponsors like Microsoft, Facebook and GitHub. Farset will be […]

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SpringUp: Launching Five Startups in 28 Hours

Hopefully it’s not big-headed to say that we’re chuffed with the outcome of our very first open event last weekend. One of our founding members Matt Campbell brought in a 28-hour non-stop startup hackathon called SpringUp and, to put it simply, five new web businesses were launched overnight. It’s nice when you say it like […]