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SpringUp: Launching Five Startups in 28 Hours

Hopefully it’s not big-headed to say that we’re chuffed with the outcome of our very first open event last weekend. One of our founding members Matt Campbell brought in a 28-hour non-stop startup hackathon called SpringUp and, to put it simply, five new web businesses were launched overnight. It’s nice when you say it like […]


No such thing as a free lunch

Today (Sunday) only! Heat death is reversed, pigs fly, and satan skates to work. And there’s a free lunch.

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Paint It Black: This Weeks Updates

Things move quickly here at Farset Towers ^H^H^H^H^H Labs. Twenty four hours ago, we had nothing special happening soon and no real ‘pattern’ of events. We hadn’t made any real changes to the space other than the brilliant work that the Weavers Court contractors have done to get the space up to spec. First big […]

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