Blackboard Tuesdays and the Gilchrist & Co 5th Birthday Get-Together

Some say that he was once in a joint AMA with Chuck Norris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and The Most Interesting Man In The World, and still got the most questions. All we know is, he’s Martin Gilchrist. Martin is a regular user of the space and always has some hairbrained idea to try out and […]


Project Redecorate starts now!

After two months of, although quirky, irrefutably “office” decor, it’s time for our event space to be restored to the Victorian charm from which it arose! For a while, we’ve been playing with the idea of getting rid of the suspended fibre ceiling in the space and exposing the period pillars and beams, and after […]

Events News


Got a project that’s languished in the back on your mind for weeks/months/years? Saw something on the internet and said ‘I can do that better’? Need a place to knuckle down and push through the annoying stages of a product? Have none of these things but still want to play? Boy have we got a […]

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