SpaceAPI Update

The SpaceAPI was born in the Netherlands, and now lives on github. As the name would indicate, it provides an API abstraction layer to a physical (hacker)space. It exposes information such as: * Open/Closed State * Location * Webcam Feeds * Contact Details * Sensor data and more, from a simple JSON API. The Farset Labs […]

Events News

New Look:Gathering Of Lightning

  We all loved the idea of Gathering Of Lightning, but the PR for it was slightly neglected (mea culpa). Not this time! On Tuesday, 31st, we’re doing it all over again. Beer, Pizza, and Lightning fast discussions from a range of selected speakers from our own community. While there will be plenty of time […]

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Planned Event: Embedded Programming; Fun with Boards

Farset Labs is planning on running an event to introduce any person of any age to embedded programming; spanning from building your own controller board that you can take home, right up to programming it with some basic functionality. But we want to get the community’s opinion before we set anything in stone. Please, take […]

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