Election 2015 Ballot

UPDATE: Voting is now open; if you haven’t recieved an email and think you should have, or can’t access the poll, contact membership@farsetlabs.org.uk to double check your membership status.

Our nomination period is up and voting will open shortly (emails will be sent to all current members eligible to vote) and in the meantime, you can peruse your options below, consisting of the nominee name and pitch:

1. Pip Shea


Farset Labs is extra_ordinary. It breaks the mould and defies the ‘wisdom’ of incumbent structures through community building and collaboration. It offers an alternative for those of us who lurk in various guises on the creative technology spectrum: a place where we can practice, with autonomy, among an inspired and diverse community. I would like to become a director to help sustain this special space, and to contribute to its emergent practices and identity.

I have been a member since early 2014, and for the last couple of years I have been researching hacker/maker culture. I have a good understanding of the practices of Farset and how it is situated in a broader global context.

Specifically, I would like to offer my energy to the following areas:

  • technology education and kids
  • measuring social impact
  • funding for social technology projects
  • participatory governance and ethics
  • membership drives
  • sharing Farset’s stories (its projects and practices) with the wider world
  • getting a laser cutter!!!

I want to become more involved in Farset Labs as I am passionate about grassroots making. During the 2000s – in Australia – I worked in community development as an artist, producer, and manager on projects that focused on net art, aerosol art, and large-scale outdoor projections. In 2010, I turned my hand to research to investigate ethical internet practices in the community arts field. I then worked as a research assistant at various universities in various incarnations. My research broadly explores digital cultures and philosophies of technology. I’m currently writing two book chapters about maker culture, and assembling a hacking/making/crafting bibliography on Zotero.

Other projects on the boil include: designing interactive tools with the QUB School of Psychology; editing an open access journal; and, making an art project that explores block chains and distributed databases through geometry. Ongoing interests include: appropriate technology, critical making, and food phreaking.

If you feel you need a little more info about me, it can be found at pipshea.net



2. RON


ReOpen Nominations

Ron does nothing, and means we open up nominations again.

The Directors assert that this election, odd as it is, satisfy the Director Appointment Rules as set up in the Operations Manual and ratified by Town Hall Consent from March 2014.

Elections 2015

Update: Due to several factors outside of our control, the directors have decided to postpone this series of elections until later in the year. Thanks!

Farset Labs is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, starting with the original three directors back in late 2011/early 2012. Since then, we aim to try and keep the number of directors at five, so, with the recent departure of Ben Bland for warmer shores (quite literally), it’s time to launch our 2015 Director Elections. Nominations will open from the timestamp of this post until midnight on Wednesday 18th February.

Nominees must:


  • Nominate themselves.
  • Have been a member for at least three months (not necessarily in one block).
  • Email david@farsetlabs.org.uk (and CC admin@farsetlabs.org.uk) with
    • Their name.
    • Their ‘pitch’ which is 1000 characters maximum. (Suitability for role, experience, intentions etc.)
  • Be aware that, if successful in the elections, they must not have any convictions that would prevent them from being the Director of a limited company (i.e. convictions under the Fraud Act 2006) or any convictions regarding sexual offences against minors (i.e. convictions under the Sexual Offences Act 2003).
  • Be aware that they have legal obligations as a Director of Farset Labs, including their legal liabilities to HMRC etc.
  • Be aware that, if successful, they will be required to provide details including their legal name, sex, date of birth, addresses lived in the last three years, signature and National Insurance Number for the purposes of registration with Companies House.

Voting will open when the nominee profiles (consisting of the nominee’s name and pitch) are posted publicly on Thursday 19th February and will close at midday on Friday 27th February.

Information on how to vote and the procedures surrounding voting, including the case of a draw, will be posted along with the nominee profiles. The results, barring any special circumstances, will be announced as soon as possible after voting closes, likely the following day.

Any questions can be directed to either david@farsetlabs.org.uk or info@farsetlabs.org.uk. You may also find it useful to review the records of previous elections, available on this blog.

Good luck!

Director Elections: Return of the Directorships

The last time round that we opened the Director elections, we probably didn’t do it at a great time…exams, holidays and general tomfoolery were all ensuing. Consequently, we’d like to reopen them and give people a second chance to become a Director of Farset Labs.

Follow the guidelines from our previous post here and send your submission to david@farsetlabs.org.uk and CC admin@farsetlabs.org.uk as well.

Nominations are open from the timestamp of this post until midday on Thursday 13th June. Voting will then take place from when the nominee profiles are posted on Thursday 13th June until midday Saturday 23rd June.

Good luck!

**UPDATE**: 21/6/13 (Bolster)

In the light of the discussions held on the recently released Discourse, and the fluffy date (Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd?) we’re extending voting through to 5pm, Monday the 24th of June.

This will also tie in with the normally scheduled Director Meeting, that evening, and we will be inviting the two new directors to that meeting to discuss how to move forward.