Nearly There! Updates and Donation Request

Legitimate Meeting
Keeping even the small initial community involved in the development process is essential.

Things have been moving fairly quickly (compared to the normal speed of Northern Irish progress), but it’s about time we made a public update.

Due to the practicalities of developing something like this, a lot of the day-to-day development of Farset Labs has been done with little publicity. This was to maintain clear communication within the launch-community and worked really well in fleshing out the ideas for the space, the community, and the projects involved.

Special thanks must go to the members of Queen’s University Engineering, Science and Technology Society (QUESTS) for letting Farset Labs fly under their wing initially, and to Ben Bland, Eoghan Murray, Matt Campbell, and David Kane, who between them have been instrumental in getting this far.

Even beyond the ‘regular’ group, there’s been a large amount of input from the community at large, through our IdeaScale, where you can vote on and submit ideas for the space, on everything from equipment purchasing to governance strategies. Continue reading Nearly There! Updates and Donation Request

What is “Farset Labs”?

Over the years, several attempts have been made at making a Hackerspace/Makerspace¬†¬†in Belfast, the aims of which were slightly different but centred around creating a shared experimental facility for the NI tech community. Some people have called it a ‘Geek Gym’, or a ‘Tech Playground’, others have called it ‘An Amateur Version of the NITC‘ but finally, Farset Labs is near realising that goal. Whichever goal that is.

'How does that work?' 'We have no idea, yet...'
'How does that work?' 'We have no idea, yet...'

A strong community of technical students and professionals has worked on this for many months (in some cases¬†years), and we’re getting near the finish line.

We are going to build a space where people of all technical interests and experiences can come together to work on crazy individual or group projects. A space where people who may not be exposed to the latest and greatest bleeding edge computing technologies, can experiment with them in a near-enterprise server environment without having to piss off the boss. A space where where those ideas that would otherwise need lots of additional equipment, can be rapidly built and tested, in a relaxed environment. A space where people can chill out between projects and play with Legos.

It’s taken time to get this far, and it’s going to take a lot of time and community support to make this successful.