Explain Like I’m 5: Connections

“Explain Like I’m 5” is our collaborative speaker series, where local developers, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, scientists, and business people take a concept that may be highly specific to their area of expertise or work, and break it down to a lay audience from right across the STEAM spectrum with a minimal expectation of prior knowledge.

The Time:

Thursday 3rd March @ 1830 for a 1900 start

The Place:

Farset Labs, Event Space

The Theme:

This year we’re trying something a little different; the invited speakers all have something vaguely to do with a common theme. This time, the theme is “Connections”. Free-for-all speakers are welcome to either stick to the same thing or do something completely unconnected (see what we did there?)

We’ll have one of the BrewBot folks talking about how their connecting their hardware to their customers (mostly talking about embedded electronics platforms and cloud stuff, funzies), an occupational therapist from the NHS who’s embarking on putting together a collection of modular, 3D printable end-point prosthetics for people who have lost extremities (fingers, etc rather than limbs) talking about how these are physically connected back to the patients and how the patients brains reconnect to accommodate the fake-finger.
We’ll also have someone from Tibus talking about the fibre-heartland of Belfast, discussing the technological connections at various stages, from the network within Farset and the fibre infrastructure across the business park, to the transatlantic connections that power superconnectedbusinesses. Also someone from Young Influencers talking about the social connections within and between NI tech/dev/design communities and the future of this community.

The Audience:

The target audience is anyone and everyone who loves learning and expanding their horizons. No topic is off limits as long as you are confident that it can be delivered to a lay audience within the constraints of the format.

The event is in two parts; an invited and a free-for-all section, separated by a beer, soft drink, pizza and fresh fruit intermission.

The Rules:

The rules for both groups are the same:

  • Speakers have a maximum of 7 minutes to speak on the subject of their choice, followed by a short open Q&A.
  • No Slides! The use of Non-Projected Visual Aids is heavily encouraged, and projectors may be considered for live demonstrations.
  • Before the event starts and during the break, presenters (invited or unplanned) are asked to put a 3-5 word synopsis of their topic on the blackboard along with their name.
  • The Compère will decide what order presentations will be done, so be nice to him/her!
  • Punishment for rule/time violators is at the discretion of the compère.

If you’ve got something you’d like to share, sign up for the “Speaker” ticket type or email to discuss it with the subject line “ELI5”

See you there!

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