Google’s Rupert Whitehead bringing Google Developer Groups to Farset Weds 21st @ 17:30

RupertWhitehead312We’re pleased to announce that next Wednesday 21st Jan, we’re hosting Rupert Whitehead, Developer Relations Regional lead at Google, responsible for the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, for an evening of discussion and collaboration around Google’s ecosystem of products.

Rupert runs the Google Developer Groups, Launchpads, Startup Launch and Google Developer Experts programs in the region. His main focus is to help developers and startups become more successful with Google’s APIs. Prior to Google Rupert worked at Nokia and Symbian. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With such an amazing speaker coming through the area to engage and grow the Google Developer Network in the province, and thanks to a serendipitous introduction by Grib at our Weavers Court neighbours, Purple Guerrilla, we’re pulling an old trick out of the closet… The concept is simple. Pitch Per Square Foot.

We have approx 30 square meters of blackboard. About 322 sqft in old money. We guestimate that about 250 of that is usable by the average human.

Each attendee has a little over a square foot to describe themselves, make an impact, and leave enough contact details to be got in touch with.

That’s the gimmick. The real draw is the community. As we’ve grown, Farset Labs has developed an amazing community of technologists and business leaders (often in the same body). We want to provide the ultimate relaxed ‘networking’ environment where no one person can bogart the floor with their confidence, or the quiet one gets ignored.Everyone has a square foot*. Going over the lines will be punished by having your square wiped out and given to someone else. Inter-square war will be treated similarly, unless its really funny, in which case, we’ll allow it.

We used this process very successfully over a year and a half ago and I’m glad we can use it again.

After everyone has started to get to know each other, Rupert will be talking about his work at Google, covering a huge range of topics from the evolution of Web APIs and building UX ecosystems through to Wearables and new form factors.

Finally, there’ll be an opportunity for all attendees to discuss their ideas and maybe come up with some brilliant solutions!

Key Info

  • Date: Wed 21st January 2015
  • Time: 17:00 for a 17:30 kick off, until 18:30
  • Price: None
  • Notes
    • Free Parking is Available
    • Space is limited, you must be registered to attend

And if a world class developer evangelist, a giant blackboard of pitches, the opportunity to play around in our new project room, or stick around after for a class in Video Production aren’t enough for you, Invest Northern Ireland are kindly supporting us by paying for drinks and pizza for the evening. Thanks!

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