Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam 5 (EU Code week)

On Saturday 11th October, 15 kids and their parents turned up at Farset Labs for the 5th Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam as part of EU Code week.


The kids worked through a number of challenges, the main being building their own reaction timer game using ScratchGPIO, a breadboard and a number of components.2



We also had a film crew in filming the Raspberry Jam from Fuzzy Duck (filming for TalkTalk) after Andrew won the Next Generation Digital Hero award. They were making a film of what he does which included the Raspberry Jam. The short film should be out in a few weeks.


In between creating awesome reaction timer games, playing with RGB LEDs and hacking Minecraft, the kids also found time to make use of the event space blackboard.


The Northern Ireland Raspberry Jams are now going to be running monthly! They will run on the second Saturday of every month.

The other 2 Raspberry Jams for this year are

More details of what we will be up to at these Jams will be announced in due course.


Special thanks to Andy McMullen and Katie’s dad for the photographs, Queen’s University School of Electronics, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science for the lend of some Raspberry Pis, Victoria College for the excellent writeup and Fuzzy Duck productions for coming over to do some filming.

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