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You do not need to have a Raspberry Pi to come to a meeting. In fact, not having a Raspberry Pi is an excellent motive for coming along.

We have some great news on the Raspberry Jam front in Northern Ireland! We’re planning to make our Raspberry Jams at Farset Labs a lot more frequent (instead of the current roughly every 6 months). We are looking into once a month or bimonthly.

Before we start though doing more frequent Raspberry Jams we want to grab some feedback from you, even if you have never attended a Raspberry Jam before.

Previous events have covered:

We want to figure out what you want to learn, what type of things you would like to see at a Raspberry Jam (Talks, Q&As, hands on workshops etc).

So please take a few minutes to go through our really quick anonymous survey, you have the chance to give your opinion on what we do at the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jams for the next few months!

We hope to announce the date of the first in the new series of Raspberry Jams within the next few days so keep an eye on the Farset labs blog and social media.

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