PhD Opportunities at the University of Ulster

Our friends over at the University of Ulster have forwarded us some information regarding their PhD opportunities for the coming academic year. To apply you must complete an application before the 28th Febuary 2014 at Interviews would be in March and PhDs start in Sept/Oct.
Here are a selection of proposals:

Computer-based Simulations for Medical Training
Dr RB Bond, Dr PJ McCullagh, Dr Pauline Black (Faculty of Life & Health Sciences)

Crowdsourcing systems and algorithms for medical diagnostics
Dr RB Bond, Dr DD Finlay, Dr DH Glass

User Interaction Modeling for Adaptive Human-Computer Interaction
Dr L Galway, Dr RB Bond, Prof H Wang

Algorithms and methods for processing, visualizing and interpreting the ECG on mobile devices
Dr RB Bond, Dr DD Finlay

User-Centric Evaluation of Recommender Systems
Dr DH Glass, Dr J Moody, Dr RB Bond

Prevention of childhood obesity : Information and communication technology to support healthy lifestyle for preventing childhood obesity
Dr H Zheng, Dr RB Bond

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