Water Leak Causing Electrical/Network Disruption Over The Weekend

Folks, we just got word that there’s been a slow leak from the unit above us and it’s blown some circuits and appliances within the infrastructure (CCTV/Network/etc).

Nothing major was lost or damaged but as a precaution until we can clear the rest of the grid, we’ll be tearing away at the electrics to make sure they’re safe. Meaning, WiFi (and possibly core) networking and power throughout the building will be affected during this time.

Conveniently, today also marks the start of a 10 day period we’d allocated to Workshop/Storeroom renovation and reorganisation. David will be posting up an entry soon about what this will entail, but no events (Other than the Town Hall on Monday) have been booked to minimise possible disruption.

Anyway, just a heads up for anyone contemplating coming down to do serious work. (Although the amazing John Fox, our resident spark, could always do with a hand).

When things get back to normal we’ll let you know.

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