Raspberry Jam Sold Out

Aaaand, we’re sold out of ‘In-Person Donation’ tickets for this weekends Raspberry Jam!Sorry, Sold Out

We’ve got 24 on the docket at the minute and if anyone wants to join, a small donation will go a long way to keep this volunteer run, community driven, self-funded operation of ours going.

Of course, if you want to be guaranteed free tickets at this or any of our future events, Membership starts at just £15/month for students and £25/month for non-students.

These memberships pay exclusively for rent, heating, lighting, power and network infrastructure and are essential to Farset’s continued success. There are no salaries…

Also, we’re eagerly awaiting delivery of our LEDBorgs, which we will be using this weekend to show how you can make your own internet-controlled mood-light by way of an introduction to GPIO on the Raspberry Pi.

If any organisations or companies would be interested in sponsoring future Raspberry Jam’s or any of Farset Labs’ other events, or joining as a Corporate Member, get in touch with us, and while you’re thinking about it, check out the awesome press we’ve got so far in our short life!

All the best, and see you on Saturday!

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Bugger! No room left at the inn? I didn’t buy a ticket online, was gonna throw money at door Guy, have I doomed myself to non entry with my horrible lack of organisation?

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