You did it! Our 3D printer is in the post!

Our long and exciting Sponsume campaign is finally over, and there is evidently plenty of support for a 3D printer within the space – we raised over £100 extra by the time the fundraiser was finished. In the time that it ran, we saw very evident spikes and patterns, which coincided nicely with various announcements and media publishers.

Breakdown of donators by which reward they chose

We’d like to thank everyone who helped get the word out about the campaign, and would especially like to thank every single person who backed the Sponsume appeal. Even now we are getting occasional offers from people who want to chip in a little more towards consumables. We hope that everyone that donated enjoys their rewards, which will be sent out in the following weeks after they are all organised and produced.

Once the custom print rewards are finished, the 3D printer will be open for every member of Farset Labs to access whenever they wish. Significant quantities of PLA and ABS plastic have been ordered, and this is open for all members to use in small-scale production. Anyone wishing to make lots of models or make very big items is requested to play fair and buy their own plastic, or donate towards getting more for the space. Apart from that, there are absolutely no restrictions on use, and we look forward to seeing what people make with the machine.

The Ultimaker is now in the post, and is expected within around a week. Announcements will be made when it arrives, and everyone involved in the fundraiser and purchase will be invited down to build and be the first to use it.

Once again, thank you to everyone that helped. Thanks to you, we now have a fantastic tool to make Farset Labs a much more useful and interesting place.