Raspberry Jam and Generation Innovation

Generation Innovation

Entrepreneurial students Ben Crawford, Priory College and Sarah Moore, Lismore Comprehensive School demonstrate the Nexus 7 controlled AR.Drone 2.0 to Meagan Blanton, NISP-Connect.

Last Night, we were invited to join NISP and a range of other sponsoring agencies to help out at the Generation Innovation event in the Titanic Building, which is a mentor-ship and networking programme for the Next Generation of Northern Irish Entrepreneurship.

This event was not only an awful lot of fun for us (apart from nearly de-limbing a few people with the catastrophic failure of our recently donated AR Drone 2.0 experimental platform… Sorry) but was also a great opportunity to show this brilliant young group of people what you can do with a little bit of gumption and a lot of hope, and just a little bit of enabling tech.

Kids from all over the province joined us, having been selected in each of their schools for being ‘high potential’ (read: Not “Highest marks”, or “Fastest Legs”, or “Most Popular”), and we were also joined by a cavalcade of tech founders from companies big and small (somehow all three Farset Labs directors got asked to speak…), dotted across the room.

360 Production made this fantastic animation to showcase what Generation Innovation is all about.

But the real show stoppers were the interviews and speeches given by some epic members of the Northern Ireland Entrepreneurship Family, such as Steve Orr (NISP Guru In Chief), David Perry (Gaming God), Andrew Fulton (Gen I  Alumnus), Danny Moore (Wombat-er, CTO NYSE Euronext, and now Lough Shore Investor) , and Carol Fitzsimons (Young Enterprise NI) which were truely inspiring to the rag-tag group of young people.

By my favourite bit was the Pi’s. Raspberry Pi’s

Each Lucky Kid was given a Raspberry Pi gratis. Good For Some.

Somehow I managed to gatecrash the stage and putting this fantastic opportunity they’ve  been given, and tied it to our recent successful funding for our 3D Printer, and said something long these lines…

Me, presenting the Generation Innovation kids (and the lightning team) with a challenge!

“Technologies like 3D Printers and the Raspberry Pis you’ve received today are revolutionising the world of design and manufacture; physical prototypes take hours to produce not days. With flexible hardware and software frameworks, even the most intricate product and service ideas can be developed rapidly, tested quickly, presented immediately, and if they are failures, they’re fast failures, allowing you, as the next generation of Northern Irish Entrepreneurs, to move onto the next idea.”

Raspberry Jam

You do not need to have a Raspberry Pi to come to a meeting. In fact, not having a Raspberry Pi is an excellent motive for coming along.

In the spirit of such unprepared and completely not rehearsed (!) sentiment, I’ll remind you all of our Raspberry Jam event coming up next week.

Raspberry Jam is a rapidly growing global network of user groups that meet every month to support hobbyists, developers, teachers, students, children and families – in fact, anybody that would like to put their Raspberry Pi to good use. While Raspberry Jam is not endorsed, sponsored or associated with Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi products or services, some of our regular members are volunteers for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. At our meetings we have helpful people who can help you with everything you need to get what you want from your Raspberry Pi.

This will be Farset Labs’ first Raspberry Pi centred event, and if successful, will be built into the event calendar.

Raspberry Jam is a Farset Labs Members event, so visitors will be expected to make a small donation either in the form of an online ticket, or chucking a few coins in the tin in person.

You do not need to have a Raspberry Pi to come to a meeting. In fact, not having a Raspberry Pi is an excellent motive for coming along.
You will discover what you can do with a Raspberry Pi when you do manage to get hold of one.
Stuff we’ll be trying out:
  • A ‘beginners guide’ walk through of how to get started with your Pi
  • Some show-and-tell demonstrations of cool projects people have already done with their Pi’s
  • Breaking to a relaxed evening of Pi-Jamming, where everyone is encouraged to share their experiences.
Under-18’s are welcome to attend the event accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Time: 18:00, Friday 30 November

Address: Farset Labs, 1 Weavers Court, Belfast, BT12 5GH

What to Bring (if you have them please bring any or all of the following, but don’t worry, we have spares so you can just bring yourself):

  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Laptop.
  • HDMI cable.
  • USB lead (Male USB A to Male Micro USB B).
  • USB mouse, USB keyboard.
  • Computer monitor with HDMI input.



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