When Tech-Camp invaded Farset

Tech-Camp, a 4 day residential run by the Rosemary Presbyterian Church for 13-16 year olds, “filled with lots of visuals, audio, internet and much more” came to Farset Labs last Friday.

And boy was it a wild afternoon.

Tech Camp were introduced to us several months ago by our good friend, Rob Elkin (who’s currently sunning himself on the west coast, lucky duck). We scheduled a day where the kids would come in and explore, and it was almost immediately forgotten about. Then I get an email during the week from the lovely Ruth Elkin reminding me of what I’d let Farset Labs in for.

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The Level of excitement from these kids was amazing. I was expecting a flying visit with a load of bored quiet students who’d be afraid to ask questions. Not so lucky!

Seeing these teens brought back just a little bit of faith that given a few years, we can turn this province into a real innovation engine, driven by the passion for STEM and ‘Tinkering’ that I saw, and one of the kids (epically) found one of our broken Nerf guns, asked if he could fix it (yes, we scoffed), and then, ten minutes later, shot me in the face. Legen—dary.
Oh, and they pretty much destroyed our blackboard. Check out the timelapse below. I wish I had a dust mask on when I eventually wiped it down.

The Nerf Gun battles were Epic in their destruction, The Buzz around our Raspberry Pi’s was intense for kids who had never heard of linux before in some cases. The Fascination with our Robotic Arm (which ended up with a laser pen mounted on it

Don’t be a stranger guys! And watch this space! We’ve got a few U18 events in the pipeline (if we can keep the Insurers on side!)


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Glad you liked it dude. We really enjoyed having you guys in. Reminded us why we started this stuff. Keep your eyes open for our U18 events; we’d love to have you all back.

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