Blackboard Tuesdays and the Gilchrist & Co 5th Birthday Get-Together

Some say that he was once in a joint AMA with Chuck Norris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and The Most Interesting Man In The World, and still got the most questions.

All we know is, he’s Martin Gilchrist.

Martin is a regular user of the space and always has some hairbrained idea to try out and bash against the wall to see what sticks, and one day, he came to us with an idea for an informal networking event based around our georgous blackboard, which after some discussion developed into what we’re calling ‘Blackboard Tuesdays’

The Concept is simple. Intro Per Square Foot.

We have approx 30 square meters of blackboard. About 322 sqft in old money. We guestimate that about 250 of that is usable by the average human. We also have a high definition camera mounted in the ceiling that captures most of that blackboard.

Each attendee has a little over a square foot to describe themselves, make an impact, and leave enough contact details to be got in touch.

That’s the gimmick. The real draw is the community. As we’ve grown, Farset Labs has developed an amazing community of technologists and business leaders (often in the same body). We want to provide the ultimate relaxed ‘networking’ environment where no one person can bogart the floor with their confidence, or the quiet one gets ignored.Everyone has a square foot*. Going over the lines will be punished by having your square wiped out and given to someone else. Inter-square war will be treated similarly, unless its really funny, in which case, we’ll allow it.

Vital Info

When: 1600-1800 Tuesday 04/09/12
Event Links:

Our operational plan is to have an invited compere for each (hopefully monthly) session who will be the judge, jury and executioner for such infractions, and since it was mostly his idea, we’ve asked Martin to do the honours for our inaugural event.

Conveniently enough, our timing on this event corresponds with Martin and Michelle’s fifth anniversary as Gilchrist & Co, so we’re letting him run rampant with branding.

If you’d be interested in compering the next Blackboard Event, or sponsoring this or any future Farset Labs events, get in touch at

*Approx, no-ones perfect, see diagram.